Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Education for Unprivileged Child

Why education is important for poor child?
Education is must for everyone if they want to become successful in their life. But because of the continuity in the poverty many of the underprivileged child are not getting the basics of life. They wants to learn, they wants to explore, they want opportunities to be educate, But all these wishes are not been full filled as no one is there to look after them. They are forced to work, asked to do child labor, asked to do crime for money(but they don’t even get it as they are fooled by others), they forced to work as slave. These poor children’s don’t have shelter to live, food to eat, and clothes to wear. There is no one for them who can take care of them, to encourage them to study, there is no one to give them love. So for all these Equalsign is here to educate children who need it for their betterment. 

Reason behind the illiteracy of poor children:
We are a strong NGO that basically focuses on the education of the underprivileged. Our child care and education NGO is located in Andaman and Nicobar Island, Delhi NCR, Port Blair, Gurgaon and many more. We encourage and foster poor children for their education and prepare them mentally and physically on how to fight in any situation or how to handle if they get stuck. We make them literate in a way that it only makes their future. We help them to increase their thinking capacity. We are the ones whose gate is always opened for poor children, and we are always there to help them. Child education is the most necessary thing which a person should focus on by helping the poor. Helping those children who are in need also saves them from child labor and becoming a victim of child trade. These children get cheated and are sold in markets on behalf of earning money. There are many children trafficked for different reasons like child labor, begging, and sexual exploitation. Many traffickers cheat children after presenting opportunities for a job in front of them and in the end they are enslaved. 

Services provided by Equalsign:
Poverty and illiteracy is the only reason behind the increasing child labor in India. At the initial level, they are cursed with this as they are unable to enjoy their childhood and unable to go to school. They don’t even get a chance to learn basics and get basics in their life. So for their betterment, Equalsign has been established whose aim is to help the unprivileged to stand on their own. We are working our best to expand our services at the National level and more so that every child gets educated. We try to help the student to get out of the situation by providing welfare programs and social services. We try to children to get out of the difficult working environment and from the mean living condition. We give children a good education with which they can stand on their own and their thinking capacity also increases. We take care of their health. We try our best to fulfill all their wishes and encourage them to stand on their own. Our responsibilities in a developing society are mainly extending help to the poor. We also take leading part in a many of the social issues, it includes child and women trade, child and adult education, extending proper medical care to people with physical or mental disability, and also in many other forms, which are arranged with the same aim of development of the deprived class. We often provide essential services in the developing world, which are mainly taken care of by the government agencies or institutions in the developed countries.


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