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Contribution of NGOs in Encouraging Education

Donate for poor child India

NGOs like Equalsign have been initiating the movement to give quality education. Education to the most diminished and underprivileged children of India. With the agendas in the most distant and diminished areas of India, the NGO assures that the advantages of the Right to Education Act will reach the most underprivileged children. The concept is to assure that all children, regardless of their background, are able to go to schools. Also, playing, interacting and learning with other children of the same age. With this, they protect for them a life of prestige and donate to the betterment of the economy. Donate for poor child India today and help them to spread education.

The most crucial feature to encourage the spread of education is to spread information. Also, making aware of the benefits of education amongst parents and societies.  This needs to be spread far and wide about the benefits of acquiring quality education. It is the legal right of all children, no matter which social or economic background they are from. Equalsign connects with the most backward class community, where there are various illustrations of children wasting their childhood in fields and factories or gets drop out of school. It also gives counseling sections to parents and elders of the family on the importance of sending children to school. Another crucial feature to improve the sticking of quality education among the most underprivileged children is to make educating a fun experience. NGOs who foster child education like Equalsign also trains educators to convey education using child-friendly and mutual teaching-education ways.

What does Equalsign focus on?

Equalsign as an NGO educate less privileged child Port Blair also have set libraries and foundation right, manages computer and language classes, encourages and facilitates extra-curriculum activities and sports. The NGOs occupy heavily with the local groups to form Children Groups (CGs) and School Management Committees (SMCs) and operate with them to assure that they take responsibility for the growth of the children in their society. Huge recruitment campaigns are organized. These campaigns are organized, in which out-of-school and accessible children are charted and registered into formal schools wherein they are sent to the classes that suit their age. Education in-group has demonstrated to be one education methodology that helps children educate perfectly and quickly and also boosts healthy competition. In classrooms, Equalsign motivates and helps children to take on learning activities in groups.

Metros such as in Delhi and many more are like a shelter to a large number of urban underprivileged who live in slum areas. Children in these societies are often entangled with child labor and have no access to education. Equalsign drives learning centers for slum and roadside children and child laborers coming from socially-excluded societies where they are provided education or gets offered school support. The idea is to prepare these children and help them take the jumps to formal schooling.

How to know the NGO is genuine?

NGOs are non-governmental organizations that work with strategies for a task to hold up humankind and things of common social good. These NGOs are basically a voluntary organization of people and societies that work at various levels that includes regional, state, national, and international. At all levels, the planning and techniques may differ but all work towards a common aim to meet people's needs and requirements in the best possible methods. Also, if someone wishes to help can sponsor a child in Port Blair, India and can donate for poor child India.
Below are some instructions that will help you to know about an honest, efficient, and best NGO in India. Regardless of its goals and objectives also with Equalsign one can get more benefits after sponsoring or donating for the child's education.

So, let’s see what all things should be seen in an effective NGO and how beneficial it will be:

  • A minimum of 70 % of a person’s fund will be in use for the cause. A lot of NGOs keep 50-70% of the money obtained, which will be not fair on the part of the donators. But Equalsign uses the donation as a whole for the future betterment of the child. Therefore, those NGOs who don't take their job as well as the reason for a job seriously as they just get busy in producing money for their own good.
  • One can keep an eye on their donations to check where it is being in use, even if less amount is received as a donation. The person donating to the charity should be able to see the results with their donations. If needed a person can ask the organization to show their account, always keep in mind that an honest NGO will never hesitate to show their accounts. Equalsign, being an honest NGO have always used the donation for child education also rather asking for the donation they have always spent amount from their own end for the future of the children. A genuine NGO will stick to the rules and regulations composed by the government. Breaking the rules and regulations are not a sign of a genuine or real NGO.

Objectives of a genuine NGO:

  • Moreover, a genuine NGO will give you the person a receipt for their charity. The receipt given will be proof that the person has donated money at a legal and registered NGO. With this, there will be a reduction in the chances of confronting frauds and cheats in the name of charity. It is an unrevealed reality that a genuine NGO will always register itself under 80G Certification. This will help and privilege the donators to easily get tax exclusion.
  • An effectual and well-organized NGO has a clear-cut set of objectives, merits, and characters that encourages the donators to donate without any hesitation. For instance, it will also come up with relevant policies to implement them. One of the major features of a genuine NGO is that it will always have a good relationship with the inheritor group. A faithful NGO always works with absolute transparency, liability, and democracy in functioning.
  • When conference and problem-solving sessions take place, a genuine NGO will always acknowledge the thoughts and views of each and every person in the group. An accurate NGO has variety in terms of staff. Also, it is impressionable to all religions, cultures, castes, and customs.
Therefore, all the above features mentioned can be found in Equalsign as we are very dedicated to our work in providing education to poor children. Along with all these above determinants, a genuine NGO will always fight against the odds, no matter how difficult the difficulty is. On the other hand, to develop an honest and efficient NGO in India, it is important to have a clear-cut the vision that deals with a bundle of grave issues of the community.

Changes after the Independence in India

Education is both the method as well as the end to a perfect life. It progresses from darkness to light in life. In the absence of education, individuals get caught in the cross-generational revolutions of poverty and backwardness in the society. 7 decades and 3 years have drifted after independence but still, India is struggling to attain a literacy rate of over 90 percent. This was aimed at providing quality education to all youngsters in India. It should be the main preference of both the state and the central governments. Therefore, the various departments of the Government of India often hold up charities. This is to bring large no. of children under the scope of their education enterprises

Significant roles played by NGOs

Non-governmental organizations have their own cooperation with diverse government institutions, private companies, or public firms. The volunteers in the NGOs help the common man or the children. They help them to fulfill their basic needs and requirements and live a superb life. This not only assists the canvas of civil societies to be strong but also helps to decrease the actual status gap within the society.
There are many significant roles played by an NGO. All these have been followed to help the backward people in society. NGOs help people in resolving social problems and play a directorial role in society. These NGOs include people who take public resolutions. So that the eventual consequence gets acceptance and liked by all in society. Non-governmental organizations address and convey the needs, interests, and desires of the society in front of the stated government. They also assist to moderate the relation amongst the citizens and different official jurisdiction. They encourage variation, humanity, and liberality in society. It also helps to build up social, cultural, ethnic, and religious thoughts. All the non-governmental organizations encourage people to raise voice for their own rights and take crucial steps for their goodness. They also help in the development of science and technology.

NGOs encourage the expression of thoughts and creativity of brainpower to give a new aspect to art and culture. They ease social and political combinations of people in society. NGOs recognize issues existing in society and take crucial steps to resolve them. NGOs arrange different programs and conduct seminars to encourage education, teach income-producing methods, and develop general awareness among the people. They play a crucial role in assisting people who lack basic needs. This can be either due to poverty or because of some natural calamity.

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Volunteering and Donating For Child Education in India

Why Donation?

donations for child education in Port Blair

Children are called the phase of god. Their sincere smiles need our affection and this sincerity must get recommendations rather than ignoring away in the cruelty of life. But to consider the actual world, thousands or more than it, kids in India are deprived of a regular childhood; they get forcefully set out at the footpaths to plead for a rupee or two. Many of those poor youngsters are thrown into early employment and the harsh approaches of earning. They don’t need our kind-hearted looks but a simple encouraging help. Therefore, you can help those youngsters, the patients of the bitter future by donating to charity businesses that are spread throughout the nation. So one can donate or volunteer in NGO for the betterment of the future of children.

A single penny from your wallet can result in basic growth in their lives. The finances granted is always in use for developing child education. A lot of NGOs just like Equalsign drives programs like online charity donations for child education in Port Blair. These charity program houses have developed across the capitals and towns. The NGOs in India work together as a team to motivate children’s well-being by driving programs or campaigns. They also excrete out the social harms which have held the future of India. There are a number of excellent charity groups out there. The most effective requirement is to do mini research to find them and stretch out as an assisting hand as these aiding hands will help these children’s to a top-notch destiny.

The need for Charity for Education

The most annoying dispute of ignorance between the poor’s isn't always that there is a lack of knowledge amongst them. But, the dispute in demand is that they are completely unable from assisting themselves to succeed over their lack of knowledge. This is because of the absence of the required organic resources, essentially the basics of lifestyles to attain the goal. Because of this, the poor’s and the backward class would need to approach some kind of humanitarian appearance procedures i.e. funding programs. 

This will assist them to conquer over the hassle of ignorance. Because of these, educational donations program, it has become a great achievable chance to authorize the backward class and the underprivileged. So that it decreases poverty, starvation, and disease. Therefore, if our concept of analysis is typically created to help those who can't take care of their self privilege with educational willpower, it includes ability gaining, guidance for service, enterprise and self-nourishment, information and education, then its miles the needy network of the world that need it the highest.

In addition, knowledge or literacy formation ideas, the educational donation is sustaining for all. Like, in cases of giving recommendations and taking care of HIV sufferers and other related issues. In addition, this technique of charity is useful to all classes of residents inside the network depending on separate choices. So in combining an advantage in this regard, it is vital to be liberal. For instance, there's additionally the requirement for the privileged class within the needy portions to cherish the fact. Facts that in some instances what are signified for the unprivileged are important for other classes in which such processes are lacking. Equalsign’s main motive is to educate less privileged child Port Blair, India, Andaman and many more.

Reasons why India is facing illiteracy

Poverty is the main reason for the growing illiteracy ratio in India. Many of the poor households get no option to feed their kids so they force their child to work i.e. they are forced to be executed in child labor. These kids are sent to the footpaths and are asked to beg for filling their empty tummy. With this small earning they can consume something. The same thing is followed on an everyday basis so that they don’t sleep empty stomach. This has to be considered as an indecency in which small kids aren't able to take delight in their childhood.

Most importantly, they don’t get the opportunity to go to high school for attaining education or to get some knowledge. They don’t even get a few basic information or expertise about anything going around them or the whole nation. No single person steps forward to educate them about desirable behavior and undesirable behavior. They are just residing their life with the hope that one day the whole thing will be alright. This once more creates a risky circle of unprivileged literacy quotes and excessive poverty.

No earnings shall be compensated or be move straight by using manner of allowance, reward, earnings or in any factor something to the current or deliberate representatives of the network or any person, over anyone or greater than that of the modern-day of the deliberate representatives. No representative of the network shall have any personal call for on any mobile or immobile possessions of the network or make any profits in any way by way of the quality of this membership. With a small initiative by the networks to donate for poor child India can make a huge difference. It might be assistance for them with a purpose to make their future bright.

How important is volunteering and donating a charity?

become a volunteer in top NGOs in India

Equalsign as a Non-Governmental enterprise tries to make a better future of the children’s with making plans that includes programs like donation, turning into volunteer, sponsorship, and a lot more activities. With this, we make sure that the unprivileged get all of the help they require for their future betterment. To make the future better Equalsign has started to donate and volunteer programs, with the encouragement of promoting child education.

Becoming a volunteer

Volunteers are like superglue that grasps the association and those together. The main element of a networked volunteer is in supplying no-cost lawful records to NGOs to construct a non-earnings website. Becoming a volunteer will assist each entity and the institutions. A person can look for true networked voluntary jobs in locations including the animal sanctuary, teenager’s hubs, and non-profit organizations. Being a networked volunteer will assist you to advantage know-how about numerous countries. Also, to know the one of a kind issues faced by the growing globe. With an aim to help and move forward in improving such global issues one can become a volunteer in top NGOs in India, Andaman, and Port Blair.

There are various volunteer job obligations it includes designing, analyzing, retailing and many more. Fund-boosting volunteer jobs are easy to acquire than not unusual volunteer jobs. A person ought to have precious contacts with working human beings and other political events for compiling funds. You can also assist charity establishments by means of sharing exact emails on your objective to each home and global applicants.

One can start campaigns and prepare gatherings with different networked volunteers. With this, you may be able to parent out the exclusive volunteer actions which are performed in diverse countries. This is the most splendid technique to percentage your thinking, belief, and idea with supporters and other humans. A networked volunteer essentially has abilities regarding troubles related to solving talents, undertaking making plans, challenge management, and lots of more. There is many networked volunteers’ event for extremely good youngsters. Performing volunteer jobs will help you advantage proficiency in this subject and it will assist you to get higher volunteer jobs in destiny. Networked volunteer jobs are not most effectively calm however additionally entertaining.

Donating for child education in India

There are many NGO’s for youngsters’ charity programs, certainly one of them is Equalsign Foundation, running in India, Andaman and Port Blair with the purpose of promoting kids’ damage from the cycle of poverty, supplying them a first-rate destiny with assisting for education, looking after their fitness, also providing schooling arrangements. As per the up to date estimation, over a ton of people inside the world are living beneath the poverty boundary. They are living with everyday earnings to an average of Rs.50 in keeping with day. The price of India’s circumstances is reasonably dangerous.

Well! No one can count on the large statistic of unprivileged children who hardly ever get the basics of life. It just takes an hour to sponsor a kid charity for their schooling or for their future betterment or at the least to sponsor a child in India so that the destiny of the kingdom and the world doesn’t get damaged. Anyone who wishes to donate and volunteer can join NGOs and save the future of the kids.

One can come forward with an aim to volunteer and donate for poor children in India for their future betterment. With this help, that with your donations for the poor children their future can be changed. It can make a long-lasting and sizable change in the lives of the unprivileged youngsters. If one provides something precious to an unprivileged children's charity, the amount will be used in the building of schools, daycare centers, homes, fitness care clinics, and lots of more for the poor kid's whole care till they get settled with a solid life.

Motive of Equalsign

Equalsign with the help of charity institutions and driving programs, encourage the nation in enhancing the lives of undervalued youngsters. They can be from far off or distant areas in addition to those from towns and cities. We also look after orphans and children who're left alone, supporting them to use their abilities and possessions for a brighter destiny. We as a Non-Governmental The organization, use the allowances of charity for kids. With a single sponsorship to a child, charity brings rays of hope inside the lives of the innumerable underprivileged youngsters. Representatives of a charity group for kids work on diverse plans, underlining the different situations of kid’s destiny betterment.

As a strong and effective foundation for every infant, we spend a nice time with each; and every youngster, gambling games with them, analyzing tales to them and communicating frequently to know approximately their in-born propensity. With this, they can be cared for accordingly and as a result to make perfection in their 'skill areas'. We provide medical care, a balanced diet, academic convenience, fun mobilizing academic surroundings, customizing plans for self-preservation and plenty of extra offerings are provided. The major goal in the back of this action is to bring out a responsible kid who could be a responsible citizen in the coming future. So, Equalsign runs many campaigns to encourage donations and volunteer programs for the betterment of the future of the kids.

What does education grants?

An encouraging child learning abilities in India also make our small children learn on the worth of love. As affection develops in the soul, so does the beauty. For instance, going to school grows and boosts the capability of a person. Development and profession to society involve the maturity and understanding of the mind. As we grow in consciousness and increase new hopes, as a result, we turn in our brilliance and in our functionality to make better decisions, in information and judgment. Learning predates expertise, however not the simplest of the irrelevant globe but also the expertise of our existence and our desires in life. For instance, the more the expertise a person has, the better the functionality comes to lead their lives.

Education enables us to recognize higher how to resource the community and understand the vital matters in lifestyles. Therefore, be at peace with the ever-increasing appraises of the globe. Therefore, providing education to a less privileged kid in India or the whole globe as it's far the major factor of early growth and development. Education enables us to emerge as brilliant and well-mannered. No one can become brilliant accidentally it can only be successful with acquiring knowledge. So, help the poor kids and donate or volunteer in NGOs for their future betterment.


Equalsign works with a motive to grant facilities for each and every poor child that will be beneficial for their future. Also, to provide a number of opportunities with which they can satisfy their dreams. It goals to turn out as a helping hand for each and every kid so that they can make a step adjoining to their dreams. With granting the right support, every kid with desires will be capable of grasping their desires. They will also broaden their skills. However, schooling is essential for the entire development of the Indian society. It is crucial that the pleasantness of education is excessive. In terms of quality training, India is virtually one of the countries which are best up to the date. So with the initiative of granting schooling facilities in rural and tribal regions may assist those poor children to enter in better positions within the company sector. 

So, with an aim to make the future better of the poor kids, take a step forward and donate and volunteer in NGO. Also, if someone wish can sponsor those kids for child education. Also, this donates and volunteer program can be driven through on social media sites to encourage child education.

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Role of NGOs in the Lives of Poor People

Educate less privileged childPort Blair

Equalsign as one of the leading NGOs in India, Port Blair, and Andaman have pledged to help people from backward class with basic need. Also, they have pledged to provide free education to the kids of poor families or roadside children and orphans. This objective has come into existence with an aim to make every child’s future a remembering one that in future they won’t beg for money or food. They basically focused to educate less privileged childPort Blair. With proper education, they can live their life happily with sufficient income. Also, with this education they can help their family by providing them food, and all their basic need. Some children don’t get the chance to be educated and instead they get pull towards earning money at such a small age and feed themselves and their family. Everyone should know the importance of NGOs' presence in the globe.

Their family unwillingly sends their child to the roadsides to beg to get out of the hunger. After seeing all these situations NGO’s are the most important organization that should be present in today’s world. This is because no one, no single person with an aim to make a poor child’s life successful will come out. So NGOs as an organization works as a team or a group, not as a single and strive for those poor children who are in need of basic things in life. After forming the organization they then start a campaign and assist people about their goals and objectives so that they can also join as a sponsor or as a fund donator to an NGO. Below are some methods that a person can join NGO and how they can help them for the betterment of the future of the poor kids:-

Donating for Child Education in India

People can aim to help those poor children who are in need of basic things. That includes food, shelter, clothes, and education by donating the NGOs. So that NGOs can provide free education to the unprivileged also to provide food and clothes to wear. A single donation of a person can change the lives of many poor children. NGO basically with donation tries their level best to provide quality education for the betterment of their future. Equalsign helps underprivileged children to get the best quality education. They make them aware of different social problems like health, employment, and many more issues. NGOs as an organization basically take up the social cause of underprivileged children for the advancement of society.

NGOs basically help up impoverished children by granting them an opportunity to attain their childhood needs. This can be done by providing them quality educational chances. These NGOs help those poor children to acquire healthcare facilities, academic resources and many other objects that can make the lives of poor better than before. So, if someone wishes to be listed on the list of thousands of people working with NGOs for the betterment of the children can donate for them. This would be helpful to provide each and every child equal education. Everyone should know the importance of Ngo's presence in the globe.

Can become a Fundraiser

If someone really wishes to help the poor children by donating NGOs can also work as a fundraiser. That means spreading awareness about the benefits of donating and how the lives of the poor can be changed with this. This awareness can be spread via social networking sites by running ads. With this, they can collect funds from people around the world. One can arrange fundraising programs that include birthday fundraisers, concerts, social events, and many more. The most known and also effective fundraising method in the globe is crowdfunding. In these small amounts of money are accumulated from a large number of people. With this, we can know the importance of NGOs' presence in the globe. A lot of poor people who have attained a better life have shared the importance of NGOs in their lives.

Join as a Volunteer in Charity Organizations

The collection of money as a donation for poor children is the first thing but also a second thing that can be done for poor children is spending time with them. For this one can join NGO and can become a volunteer for NGO India. Volunteers can give some efforts to the social objective. In addition, they can also educate children at an NGO like Equalsign. With which it will also be helpful to attain knowledge from everyone. They can teach them with programs that include fun learning program. With this, a child shows more interest and attains good knowledge. There are a lot of reasons and options that one can join NGOs for the betterment of the child. If today these children get focused properly then their future can be a successful one.

Joining NGOs as a volunteer and spending time with the poor children will be a very good decision. Spending time and building positive thoughts in their minds can also lead to a big change in their life. This will be helpful to the poor children to think about their future and plan a career. They can assist these children’s about how important is child education and how does it play an important role in society. Also, they should make them understand that education is the only weapon that can be helpful to manage every bad situation that occurs in their life. With this, we can know the importance of Ngo's presence in the globe.
Become a volunteer for NGO India

Run campaigns for a reason

Spreading awareness regarding the poor children and to provide them education to society or to the world is the most important thing. Campaigners can share the condition of underprivileged children and start fundraising campaigns. We should give equal importance to poor children as compared to the rich. Therefore with the campaigns, more and more aware of poor children get spread. With this, there is a high number of the possibility that more and more people can join NGOs to help the poor children. So with an aim to help the poor kids, one can join NGOs and also run a campaign and also spread awareness and pull other people towards the NGO to help poor children. With this, we can know the importance of NGOs' presence in the globe. As we will be able to know how beneficial an NGO organization is?

As a fact that technology and infrastructure are growing at a high speed, so apart from donating to social institutions like NGOs to help underprivileged children. By participating in charity organizations and donating for a perfect future of the poor children to the NGOs. One should donate for the betterment of the child’s future. One can join NGO with a thought to change the lives of the underprivileged children. This can be done by donating and helping them to provide basic things their life like food, health, education, and shelter. Apart from becoming a volunteer or a fundraiser one can sponsor children for education in India in order to help the underprivileged children to see a new world of well-being. Before starting or working with an NGO a person must know the importance of NGOs and their objectives.

The Role Played by the NGOs

The major role played by the NGOs in the developing nation is quite demanding. Their authority and work duration across various levels, and sectors; and in order to execute all those activities with utmost perfection and proficiency, NGOs are rapidly becoming more organize and well- ordered. All these non- profit and non- governmental organizations basically drive on donations and charity programs. They work with an objective of efficient growth at the grass-root level. This can bring an entire change in the development of society as a whole.

With time that has passed, the nation has experienced quick development; but, the development was not been able to change every level of the community in the same method. At first, when a number of people are becoming adapted with an annual trip with their family, at the same time a vital part of the community is rarely able to earn the bread for a day. NGOs take crucial steps to stick out to these grass root level and help those poor people to have a better life through their own growth.
The authority of an NGO in a growing society is not constricted within increasing help to the poor. But the NGOs take a major part in numerous social problems. This includes child and women trading, child and adult education, increasing proper health care facilities to people with physically or mentally challenged. There are also a number of other objectives that are made with the same objective of growth of the underprivileged classes. These NGOs basically provide necessary services in the growing world. These are mainly taken care of by the government agencies in the developed nations.

Lives of Poor Children

India is experiencing the worst situation regarding the fact about thinking about the lives of poor children. For this many best NGOs in India, Andaman, and Port Blair, are making excellent efforts. They promote positive change in the surroundings of our nation. A lot of child workers are present in the country who compromise their childhood in begging for money and food. Their age of getting education gets spoil. Their educational life gets spoil just because they get to engage in the practices of child labor right from their childhood days. At the age of taking a pencil or rubber in hand, they are pulled towards various kinds of things that many times are too heavy for them. With this, they are even unable to manage to handle those things.
Just thought that if in case the same situation occurs in someone’s life, so what will happen to him/her in that situation. Well, we hope that this situation does not occur in anyone’s life. Only the thing is we are just trying to let the nation feel about the poor children. Whenever we are stuck in a difficult situation or feel helpless, somewhere in that situation we had a thought that someone would come to us and will help to let us out from the problem. Just like the same, have you ever thought of those kids who are facing this problem in this situation? They are also waiting for some opportunities to get some help from anyone.

Education at its best

Donating for education to the NGOs is a superb decision of a person. As with educational possibilities, a child can show their intelligence. The donations are essentially in the usage of providing exceptional training to the youngsters. Children are forthcoming and they deserve a future that includes economic, physical and psychological safety. Education is a method toward the quitting the poverty. It improves destiny expectations, motivates kid’s dreams and authorizes youngsters to follow dreams. Without training, job protection and worth employment are hard to come and the range for development is less. Education with remarkable alternatives has been introducing for both the men and the women to assume. It plays an important portion in releasing humans from the chains of restrictions, obsolete thinkings of society. The importance of NGOs can be seen in the lives of the poor that how they have helped them to achieve a better future.

A much-known announcing we've got heard is 'if you teach a child, you teach the whole family'. If a nation has to develop- financially and socially – learning and intelligence are the only requirements that need to be attained. A well-organized group of workers is a fearsome power that amazes and enhances expenditure in the country. As a result, it leads to getting a large number of jobs, high revenues, a better place for residing and crucial success for the nation. It also enables to upward thrust in a nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). A belief of pride grows among citizens when a nation advances soberly. And then offers them splendid encouragement to struggling for its further boom. Article 21A became enacted retaining in thought that schooling is a human right. Also, youngsters between six to fourteen years should get obligatory education.


Therefore, with this, we can know how NGOs have played a major role in the lives of the poor. Also, how poor people have made the importance of NGOs in their lives. This makes us clear that how important is NGO in the nation to change the life of the underprivileged with their objectives. Nevertheless, we should always praise the efforts of those best NGOs who listened to such voices of poor children. Also, they became a helping hand for them. One of them is Equalsign. They developed an impact by restricting them to perform child labor and helping them to reach the doors of the school. Everyone should know the importance of NGOs.

Friday, January 24, 2020

Building Positive Thoughts For A Long-Term Change

Donate for Poor Child India
Equalsign as NGO has made a lot of effort in improving the lives of the children by providing them education. There is a big hand of this NGO in building positive thoughts for a long-term change. In this globe there are numerous numbers of non-governmental organizations or what we call is NGO. They work with an aim to provide quality education, assistance in all possible ways, basics of life and many more. They only help those who require assistance. These people can be from slum areas or rural areas or roadside children or anywhere. The only objective is to educate those children who are in need of it. Many of the rich children who get the opportunity for education don’t know the value of it. 

The value of education can only be known by the children who are waiting for getting an opportunity for education. As they live in a poor family and parents are also able to help their child in getting an education, they are forced to work. They are sent to beg money to fill their empty stomach. Unwillingly parents of these children are forced to send their ward to the roadsides. Also, apart from child education in India, NGOs also focuses on the health care of the child. 

Is health important to show interest in education?

Educate less privileged child india

Yes, obviously health is important to show interest in education. As health is the most important thing to be looked at on a priority basis either by the government or by the NGO. A child will not be able to study or shows interest till the time he/she is physically strong. NGOs also provide food to these children as providing education has no point till the time the child is physically strong. To attain knowledge also a child must be physically and mentally strong. Therefore understanding all the needs and requirements and the situation of the poor kids Equalsign foundation has taken few steps to improve the lives of the children of slum areas or rural areas or the children who are in need of it. 
Participation of Equalsign in generating positive thoughts.

Equalsign as NGO also engages with poor people and participates in the process of generating new ideas and information. Ideas related to their daily routine and all the works they do the whole day. With these activities, NGOs has the capability of building positive thought for a long-term change in the mind of unprivileged. Nevertheless, maintaining such activities commands hard work and also smart work with proper implementation. It is necessary to think about proper planning of initiatives taken by the NGOs, fund managing programs, proper mobilization of the donations, as well as efficient delivery of the programs. Different objectives have been initiated by the best NGOs in India, Port Blair, Andaman, and many other places. 

All the objectives taken by the NGOs have been initiated especially for those communities who are still facing issues in their daily lives that are the absence of education, basics of life it includes food, shelter, and cloth. Also, these NGOs are encouraging different social activities that therefore help to improve the degradation of the country's growth. These activities include discouraging childhood marriage or also not allowing girl child to get an education, discouraging child labor, and many more activities. Various things are presented in this globe to be noted and actions to be taken accordingly either by the government or by the NGO. 

Volunteering in Slum and Rural areas

By initiating a lot of programs mainly in the rural and backward areas also include slum areas of the country, some changes can be seen. These changes are seen with the help of those volunteers who participate in programs by NGO with an aim to change the lives of the people with positive thoughts. They try to help them in every possible way the mentality and also the frame of mind of those who normally contain conservative minds. So, anyone can take part in NGO volunteer Port Blair, India, Andaman and many more, with an objective to change the lives of the underprivileged. 

In building positive thoughts for a long-term change, these volunteers have taken many initiatives. 
Below are some work done by the volunteers in building positive thoughts:- 

These volunteers are allotted by their organizations in various rural and slum areas. They go to the areas where there is a presence of senior citizens and who are far away from information like the importance of acquiring education. Because of the illiteracy of those senior citizens, they follow the same tradition. That is, to join their kids with the same activity that has been followed from an early age. 

These activities include not sending their ward to school; instead of this, they have thought, that it would be perfect if their son earns some money and give it in their house to run their daily basis expenses. They actually are not aware of what they are doing with their kids; they are playing with their future. As a fact we all know the importance of education and how beneficial it is in once life, but the same thing has not been informed to those poor people who are illiterate.  Because of this, the children are asked to do some activities on farms or sometimes they are asked to go to some shops or tea stalls to work and earn money.


These volunteers also help those kids who are not aware of what is education and its importance. They work in building positive thoughts for the long term in their minds to help them know about the importance of education. They help them to know some facts about what one can do if he/she is educated? How beneficial education is in the future? Nevertheless, we all know a few things have been changed these days with the efforts of various initiatives taken by the NGOs. But again, there are some works to be looked on a priority basis by the governments or by the NGOs in many sectors of the country. 

To understand the lives of the poor people’s perfectly, NGOs have started programs that include surveys. With which they get a small view that how their lives are going. With this, they can take initiatives accordingly. They execute face to face communications with those people and try their level best to make them believe the importance of education in once life. They ask them to send their child to schools and not in performing child labor. A person can also work even after completion of his school schedules.

Educational institution

The ongoing education process is regrettable and also the situation of rural areas in our country is pathetic. The unprivileged people find it very hard to compensate for the school fee. In this case, most of the parents send their ward to government-aided schools where there is an absence of quality education and sufficient provisions and a beneficial environment. The illiterate people basically feel hurt from social dishonor of being judge as uneducated. 

After all, education is exceptionally mandatory either for the child or for the illiterate adults. With education, a person can become self-supporting. It also provides him/her with information about their rights. It is also important for attaining sufficient employment. Attaining knowledge also helps every single person to be open-mind. With this, he/she can combine different ideas and take the right decision.

Right to Education is a basic right that was regulated by the Indian Parliament states. According to this act, education has become complementary and mandatory, should be provided to the child between ages 6 to 14. Each and every child is accountable to be present in the school to acquire basic education. 

They should acquire education regardless of their caste, belief, and economic background. As many of the families are illiterate and they are also not aware of this act. Because of this they also don’t send their ward to the school. Instead of this, they get forced to give more commitment to actions like child labor or washing the utensils in the restaurants. After looking into all these circumstances 

Child Welfare

Equalsign has stepped up and come forward rescuing these children from all the problems. For this objective of Equalsign it has been recognized as the top NGOs for child welfare in India, Andaman, and Port Blair. We not only make the child aware of their rights but also assist them in complementary basic education in our own schools. We also help the children by allocating fundamental items of stationery like books, notepads, pens, and pencils. With this, we also provide school uniforms and bags. 

Equalsign as an NGO has aimed to in building positive thoughts for the long term in the minds of underprivileged. With this aim, they visit each and every house especially the slum areas and influence discussions with their parents. With this step, they can make children’s parents understand and ask them to send their child to school. 

The mid-day meal program was launched with the objective of bringing a lot of children to the school. NGOs do not have business reasons or earning huge profits at the end of the day. The only aim of theirs is the well-being of the community. Also aims, to make them aware of their rights. Unprivileged children are even getting undervalue of their social rights. They get dishonor by the self-named cultured people of the community. In many places, these kids get consider as untouchable that hurts them a lot. These kids also get tease, overwhelm harshly and even have to deal with sexual attack and abuse. The small girl children gets raped brutally. Also, they are forced into the dirty world of prostitution and mistreat. 

Become helping hand 

Every person in this globe should join the hands with the organizations that only work with the aim of the welfare of the child. With every single person's support in society, they can bring a huge change in the ongoing process of child abuse. The only thing to keep in mind before joining an NGO or helping them with donations, one should search for all the details of that particular NGO. The NGO should government registered. This is mandatory to be in the process because of the fraud going on in today’s world. If one aims to help these poor children in terms of education and health they can donate for poor child India.  With this donation, you can see a big change in the lives of poor children.

Educate less privileged child India today by funding the Non-Governmental Organizations. With your single donation, we can see the change in children's life from being in a poor condition. That is the absence of education, food, clothes and also shelter. Citizens of a country can become helping hands all together for those children who are in need. They can donate for the betterment of the child’s future. Your donations will be in use in providing quality education to the children. These donations are basically in use to provide nutritious food to the children, clothes to wear, study materials for their education and many more things. Therefore, your donation can change the life of many.
If someone wishes they can also sponsor the child in the NGO. After sponsoring the child in the NGO you can see the change in their daily life that how rapidly it has changed. You can take the day to day information regarding those children, their daily routine and are they happy or not. Your sponsorship can also change the life of a child.


Therefore, Equalsign as an NGO has started building positive thoughts for a long term change in the lives of the poor people or the unprivileged. They have started making them understand how important child education is. How they can use education as their sword. However, they can build their career. Hence, with an intention to change the lives of these people they have changed the life of many and many more to go. Just like this, society as a whole can help these children with funding the NGO and make their life good. Also with your sponsorship or donation, you can get a child’s blessings, what more would someone wish to have apart from blessings.

Anyone who feels that poor people are living taking negative thoughts in their can help them in building positive thoughts. Only with an aim to change their life. 

Friday, January 17, 2020

Spreading Awareness on Child Education

donation for child education in Andaman

Equalsign Foundation is the best NGO for education India, Port Blair, Andaman, and many more places. It works as a team. Equalsign as an NGO aims to provide education to the unprivileged, to the poor, to the low-class family children, to those who want the opportunity to get learned. It works with a goal that no child in India or at any place stays uneducated either poor or rich. For instance, with this objective, it drives many campaigns and spread awareness about child education in India. Spreading awareness of child education is one of the goals of Equalsign in rural areas and also in societies. It wants each and every person to know about how education plays an important role in the future for the kids if provided in time.

If a literate person is asked to speak about the importance of education, for sure he/she could deliver the same. Because it is as simple as that. But if you ask an illiterate person or a child to deliver the same he/she would not be able to do as they even don’t know what education is. However, the reason behind this is that they don’t get opportunities to get an education, as they are poor. They have to forcefully enlist themselves with works with which they can earn a meal for the day. These poor children are asked to do a low-status job by their families just to get the basics. They only earn a maximum of 50 rupees a day with which they try to fill their tummy. In addition, these poor children are unwillingly sent out by their parents and are forced by situations to forego education.

Assistance to poor by running campaigns for donation and volunteer

Also, apart from these poor children’s there are many who went to the school once for a while and then are forced to drop out because of financial problems going on in their family. So, as an aim that no child stays uneducated, Equalsign has taken many steps to help these children in acquiring education. It also runs many programs that include a donation for child education in Andaman, India, Port Blair and many more. With these donations, they basically work on providing quality education to poor children with a good infrastructure, where the children feel comfortable. Therefore, these donations are used in building schools for these children, giving clothes to those who don’t have it and also providing them food for their empty stomach.

Also, it provides assistance to child health and care as first comes the health after that everything should be looked after. As if the child is not well he/she won’t be able to concentrate on their studies. Therefore, if someone desires to help those children who are poor can become a volunteer for NGO India with Equalsign. Becoming a helping hand for those children who are poor can change their life and that will make happy you as well. Your single donation or help to these children can make their future bright. As a volunteer also you can help NGOs by spreading awareness on child education. Equalsign’s goal is only to fulfill the dreams of the poor children by providing them elementary education. Also, they help them with their basic needs and requirements.

Areas targeted by Equalsign to work on

By giving importance to education it provides study material to those kids who cannot afford and also helps them to read, write and learn. In spite of being known about the main significance of education, many of us rarely think to sponsor a poor child or giving a donation for education in India. This is the reason Equalsign runs a campaign in spreading awareness on child education. Equalsign as an NGO leaves no child in humiliating situations of poverty and also to provide those children’s food so as to give them an opportunity to shape their future in the way they have always dreamed of.

Equalsign as an NGO has always worked on spreading awareness on child education to those who don’t know the benefits of acquiring education. Therefore, below are important points of some areas that are always been looked after or the targeted areas to foster child education:-

By allowing the unidentified talents to come up

Building up possibilities of studying for children from diminished sections is often an encouraging deal because very likely, many of these children have skills and dedication but do not get an opportunity to bring them up. Each and every time the donations paid by us for education in India is help that opens the doors of hope for children’s waiting for an opportunity to go after their dreams. Therefore, the assignees of the Equalsign Foundation, with a flare in their eyes, proudly share the modifications in their lives since they've joined NGO started studying.

By attaining two most crucial viable goals

Through the struggle of offering limitless food for education and preventing hunger, Equalsign aims to attain the two most crucial viable goals i.e no hunger and providing quality education. Equalsign as an NGO has shown huge dedication toward achieving the goal of providing food to the unfed and also arranging services in offering educational opportunities to the underprivileged. With its commitment to its work, it has been recognizing as the top NGOs in India, Port Blair, Andaman and many more. With all these continuous growths of such strategies, soon the literacy rate will increase in the nation.
become a volunteer for NGO India

By giving assistance in acquiring a strong stand opposing all other national challenges

Just like Nelson Mandela explained education as the strongest sword that you can use to modify the globe. Education is currently a key to eradicating gender discrimination, underdevelopment, misdeed and promote peace in societies. Equailsign thinks that education is a method of spreading common awareness and a direction out of other objections that interrupts national development.


Spreading awareness of child education is one of the aims of Equalsign. It drives the campaign for spreading child education and also for donations and sponsorship. If someone desires to help the poor child can donate for their education by supporting our institution. We are already working committed for the objective by educational facilities to children. Equalsign as an NGO is responsible to foster educational strategies. They also donate for the minimum of those millions of children, to those who don’t have the ability to afford admissions in schools. So with your donation to the NGO can change a child's life. So as a citizen of the same country let’s become the helping hands for them and give them a lifespan gift of a smile and fulfilling their hopes.
In India, the area of growth is not very broad, but it is also not very small for the people. It not only includes the economic growth but also the growth on the social head, permission, quality of life, child and women's growth, spreading awareness on child education to its citizens. The responsibility of growth is so tangled and broad that just executing government ideas is not enough to fix the problem. Therefore, to attain this, a complete dream and common labors that involve different agencies, sections and even NGOs are needed.

Focusing on Rural Industry Growth

Apparently, rural industry growth seems to be a simple responsibility, but in reality, it is not as simple as that. After Independence, we have seen various rural growth projects through various five- year plans. Improving poverty, producing knowledge and infrastructure services is strengthen through the projects and policies of the government. For instance, the Panchayati Raj organization has also been commencing by the government to strengthen social justice at the grassroots level. But after all the efforts: rural shortage, low management, unemployment rate are still in existence in a rural area in the nation. So with an aim in providing education to the poor children, Equalsign also helps the families in rural areas who are living complicated lives in poverty.
So we as an NGO organization have started spreading awareness on child education in rural areas so that no more child stays uneducated also no more family starves for food or be in poverty. As education is the only key to success and also helps to make the future bright.

Issues in Rural Areas

Education is a human right with great power to change completely. On its authority rests the vital element of freedom, equality and viable human growth.- Kofi Annan
These words are as strong as they sound. Education is one of the most crucial construction blocks of a viable society. In a nation like India that includes 1.2 billion of population, there is a big difference between the forms of education that is provided. The urban areas in the country are sharing to a much higher level of education, which is not the same in the case of rural areas. Therefore, this variation in the quality of education makes it tough to manage a sacred rate of growth throughout the nation.
To assure that India achieves progress on an economic, eco-friendly and social level; it is crucial to adjust a viable side of living. The perfect way to boost viability is with the help of providing quality education to poor children. The vast issue in the progress of India is evidence that most of the population of India located in rural areas. Therefore, unluckily, these areas don't have a sufficient approach to job opportunities, a base or quality education.

Role of Government in boosting Education

The Indian Government is functioning towards connecting the gap to serve equal chances in terms of education in the urban and rural areas. Numerous educational activities have been initiated that expresses the crucial issues that are faced by individuals in rural areas. In addition, some of the initiatives include providing quality education to poor children in every corner of the nation.
Free of cost and mandatory education to all the children. Also, to arrange mid-day meal facilities across all state-level schools. Therefore, elementary education to the nation, boosting literacy rate, these are universalized that focuses on giving education for individuals between 15 to 35 years of age.
There were some familiar and successful educational actions that are introduced and implemented by the government. These actions were implemented with an objective to deliver equal opportunities to every child in the nation. These actions don't just target education; they also focus on other crucial topics like nourishment, hygiene, gender bias and many more, that are common in the rural areas.

Absence of Quality Education

In most of the cases, the elementary education provided by Government-run schools is not concentrated on providing quality education. The necessity of education is not taken seriously in rural areas due to various reasons like inappropriate infrastructure for the students, absence of quality education in rural areas, discrimination, inappropriate sanitation, etc. Though there is sufficient funding is given for world-class education in the rural and tribal areas of the nation, as the quality education provided in these areas, is literally disposable.

If the government arranges primary facilities, boost and provides a superior standard of education in rural India. The entire quality of education in India will for sure improve with these facilities. For providing entire quality education, India needs to concentrate on improving the standard of education that is provided in rural and tribal sectors. Volunteer group service assignment and NGO's that have a broader reach in such areas can boost the necessity of quality education. Therefore, this entire component would make India one of the most educated nations in the world and also boost the cause of viable living.


Hence, the Equalsign foundation as the best NGO is spreading awareness on child education in every corner of the nation. Equalsign aims to provide quality education to each and every child either rich or poor. Its goal is not to leave any child illiterate; every single child should acquire education as it is the only important part that should be acquired in life. After all, education is the only thing that can be used as a weapon in the future. However, education is crucial for the entire growth of the Indian society, it is vital that the quality of education is excessive. In terms of quality education, India is certainly one of the countries that are looked up to. So with the initiative of providing education in rural and tribal areas may help those poor children to land in better positions in the corporate sector.

Friday, January 10, 2020

Encourage Early Childhood Education

child education in India

Equalsign foundation as an NGO encourage early childhood education in every society or community. Basically it runs campaigns and spread awareness on how education can be beneficial for a child. Child education should be given the focus on priority between the ages of 3 to 8 years. As this is the age wherein a child acquires proper knowledge and starts understanding every single thing. So if a child doesn’t get it will be a tough time for him/her in the future to perform accordingly. With this objective, Equalsign encourage early childhood education in poor families as at this age they send their kids to do child labor so they are unable to acquire knowledge. 

It is essential to instill good knowledge in their minds to help them in their better growth. But the parents of the poor children may not take some steps for the improvement of their child growth that will really work in making their future unprecedented successful. This is because they only strive for the basic things most useful in life that is food, cloth, and shelter. For getting these basic things also they have to beg themselves and also unwillingly send their kids to begin the footpaths or roadsides. So with a responsibility and an aim, Equalsign as an NGO takes care of child education in India, Port Blair, Andaman and many more. We also look after the complete growth and take full charge of developing young minds for future threats. Therefore, our NGO of childcare and child education inspires better execution in acquiring knowledge.

Encourage childhood education

We also develop children for good chances in the future related to education. With keeping in mind that these kids are starting a new journey in their educational careers, we influence to give them required sources to improve the condition of their educational skills.  We also make them efficient to challenge with the world outside. NGOs for children's health and care in Andaman, India, Port Blair, and many more put focus mostly in underdevelopment areas and also poor families. They have taken many important initiatives that are useful for a bright future of children. We also take care of the growth of every child.

We as an NGO also foster education in every society it may be the society of rich or poor no matter.  However, NGOs run campaigns for promoting health care and education in each and every society. We try our level best to encourage early childhood education in underdeveloped areas.

Quality Education

As with an aim in providing quality education we work as a team with efficient educators who will greatly benefit every child in growing the skills and develop greater determination. A child should be given proper consideration in order to make them better performed and to teach them good manners. The early developing stage is the only time when a person can go out to put the child in the perfect place and educate them on the perfect forms of knowledge and employ them in comprehensive growth. Once they get the ability to catch the awareness of different subjects as well as the manners needed to fit in any contest, they become addicted to these things and go ahead with it throughout their career. In conclusion, education for every child in Port Blair, Andaman, India is important, so with this aim, we involve those poor children in a fun learning environment.

Few steps we usually follow to upgrade the child's education are:

  • We as an NGO prepare every child with positive surroundings in order to instill good thinking’s in their mind as it is the most important thing. 
  • All our team members give attention to their suitable daycare assistance also.
  • Our team keeps every child tension-free from every possible thing which makes them stressful, just like their family backwardness or the poverty they are facing.
  • We make sure that the child is out of problems or stress- free by looking after them.
  • We try to make them busy in daily activities such as indoor and outdoor games.
  • As an NGO we have made a proper schedule and engage every child in all activities that help them develop on a daily basis.
  • We are engaged in providing new methods of learning for every child with which they can easily grasp things.
  • For instance, on a daily basis, every time we try to mingle with those poor children in a friendly manner and try to make them stress-free.
  • Our main is to make every child educated whether it is poor or rich, so while teaching if the child is unable to grasp things easily we teach them with the help of new methods such as toys, games and bursting jokes.
  • We involve children in an environment where they can enjoy and free them from accountability when they don't feel like reading.
  • We have set up classes to boost their personality development and also to enhance the determination level.
  • In addition, you can find many best NGOs for Children India who will help or provide every child a facility that will be helpful in their future betterment.

Fundamental of life

Education is certainly the fundamental of life and when it comes to the children we should never fail to give them the best. This should be one because the children are the future of the nation. We should provide them quality education. Equalsign strives hard to give the best education to those poor children who don’t get opportunities. We not only teach children the basic educational knowledge but also we make them learn much more things that a child requires for the development. For instance, educational methods have been turned really competitive in today's world. In addition, we want each and every child to be enough proficient of meeting the requirements in the future.

In addition, the Equalsign foundation not only focuses on educational requirements but also makes every child physically and psychologically fit. This is focused by performing some numerous extra-educational activities and creative meetings. From our end, we don’t let go of any opportunities by hand.  

Contribution of NGOs in Encouraging Education

NGOs like Equalsign have been initiating the movement to give quality education. Education to the most diminished and underprivileged ch...