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Building Positive Thoughts For A Long-Term Change

Donate for Poor Child India
Equalsign as NGO has made a lot of effort in improving the lives of the children by providing them education. There is a big hand of this NGO in building positive thoughts for a long-term change. In this globe there are numerous numbers of non-governmental organizations or what we call is NGO. They work with an aim to provide quality education, assistance in all possible ways, basics of life and many more. They only help those who require assistance. These people can be from slum areas or rural areas or roadside children or anywhere. The only objective is to educate those children who are in need of it. Many of the rich children who get the opportunity for education don’t know the value of it. 

The value of education can only be known by the children who are waiting for getting an opportunity for education. As they live in a poor family and parents are also able to help their child in getting an education, they are forced to work. They are sent to beg money to fill their empty stomach. Unwillingly parents of these children are forced to send their ward to the roadsides. Also, apart from child education in India, NGOs also focuses on the health care of the child. 

Is health important to show interest in education?

Educate less privileged child india

Yes, obviously health is important to show interest in education. As health is the most important thing to be looked at on a priority basis either by the government or by the NGO. A child will not be able to study or shows interest till the time he/she is physically strong. NGOs also provide food to these children as providing education has no point till the time the child is physically strong. To attain knowledge also a child must be physically and mentally strong. Therefore understanding all the needs and requirements and the situation of the poor kids Equalsign foundation has taken few steps to improve the lives of the children of slum areas or rural areas or the children who are in need of it. 
Participation of Equalsign in generating positive thoughts.

Equalsign as NGO also engages with poor people and participates in the process of generating new ideas and information. Ideas related to their daily routine and all the works they do the whole day. With these activities, NGOs has the capability of building positive thought for a long-term change in the mind of unprivileged. Nevertheless, maintaining such activities commands hard work and also smart work with proper implementation. It is necessary to think about proper planning of initiatives taken by the NGOs, fund managing programs, proper mobilization of the donations, as well as efficient delivery of the programs. Different objectives have been initiated by the best NGOs in India, Port Blair, Andaman, and many other places. 

All the objectives taken by the NGOs have been initiated especially for those communities who are still facing issues in their daily lives that are the absence of education, basics of life it includes food, shelter, and cloth. Also, these NGOs are encouraging different social activities that therefore help to improve the degradation of the country's growth. These activities include discouraging childhood marriage or also not allowing girl child to get an education, discouraging child labor, and many more activities. Various things are presented in this globe to be noted and actions to be taken accordingly either by the government or by the NGO. 

Volunteering in Slum and Rural areas

By initiating a lot of programs mainly in the rural and backward areas also include slum areas of the country, some changes can be seen. These changes are seen with the help of those volunteers who participate in programs by NGO with an aim to change the lives of the people with positive thoughts. They try to help them in every possible way the mentality and also the frame of mind of those who normally contain conservative minds. So, anyone can take part in NGO volunteer Port Blair, India, Andaman and many more, with an objective to change the lives of the underprivileged. 

In building positive thoughts for a long-term change, these volunteers have taken many initiatives. 
Below are some work done by the volunteers in building positive thoughts:- 

These volunteers are allotted by their organizations in various rural and slum areas. They go to the areas where there is a presence of senior citizens and who are far away from information like the importance of acquiring education. Because of the illiteracy of those senior citizens, they follow the same tradition. That is, to join their kids with the same activity that has been followed from an early age. 

These activities include not sending their ward to school; instead of this, they have thought, that it would be perfect if their son earns some money and give it in their house to run their daily basis expenses. They actually are not aware of what they are doing with their kids; they are playing with their future. As a fact we all know the importance of education and how beneficial it is in once life, but the same thing has not been informed to those poor people who are illiterate.  Because of this, the children are asked to do some activities on farms or sometimes they are asked to go to some shops or tea stalls to work and earn money.


These volunteers also help those kids who are not aware of what is education and its importance. They work in building positive thoughts for the long term in their minds to help them know about the importance of education. They help them to know some facts about what one can do if he/she is educated? How beneficial education is in the future? Nevertheless, we all know a few things have been changed these days with the efforts of various initiatives taken by the NGOs. But again, there are some works to be looked on a priority basis by the governments or by the NGOs in many sectors of the country. 

To understand the lives of the poor people’s perfectly, NGOs have started programs that include surveys. With which they get a small view that how their lives are going. With this, they can take initiatives accordingly. They execute face to face communications with those people and try their level best to make them believe the importance of education in once life. They ask them to send their child to schools and not in performing child labor. A person can also work even after completion of his school schedules.

Educational institution

The ongoing education process is regrettable and also the situation of rural areas in our country is pathetic. The unprivileged people find it very hard to compensate for the school fee. In this case, most of the parents send their ward to government-aided schools where there is an absence of quality education and sufficient provisions and a beneficial environment. The illiterate people basically feel hurt from social dishonor of being judge as uneducated. 

After all, education is exceptionally mandatory either for the child or for the illiterate adults. With education, a person can become self-supporting. It also provides him/her with information about their rights. It is also important for attaining sufficient employment. Attaining knowledge also helps every single person to be open-mind. With this, he/she can combine different ideas and take the right decision.

Right to Education is a basic right that was regulated by the Indian Parliament states. According to this act, education has become complementary and mandatory, should be provided to the child between ages 6 to 14. Each and every child is accountable to be present in the school to acquire basic education. 

They should acquire education regardless of their caste, belief, and economic background. As many of the families are illiterate and they are also not aware of this act. Because of this they also don’t send their ward to the school. Instead of this, they get forced to give more commitment to actions like child labor or washing the utensils in the restaurants. After looking into all these circumstances 

Child Welfare

Equalsign has stepped up and come forward rescuing these children from all the problems. For this objective of Equalsign it has been recognized as the top NGOs for child welfare in India, Andaman, and Port Blair. We not only make the child aware of their rights but also assist them in complementary basic education in our own schools. We also help the children by allocating fundamental items of stationery like books, notepads, pens, and pencils. With this, we also provide school uniforms and bags. 

Equalsign as an NGO has aimed to in building positive thoughts for the long term in the minds of underprivileged. With this aim, they visit each and every house especially the slum areas and influence discussions with their parents. With this step, they can make children’s parents understand and ask them to send their child to school. 

The mid-day meal program was launched with the objective of bringing a lot of children to the school. NGOs do not have business reasons or earning huge profits at the end of the day. The only aim of theirs is the well-being of the community. Also aims, to make them aware of their rights. Unprivileged children are even getting undervalue of their social rights. They get dishonor by the self-named cultured people of the community. In many places, these kids get consider as untouchable that hurts them a lot. These kids also get tease, overwhelm harshly and even have to deal with sexual attack and abuse. The small girl children gets raped brutally. Also, they are forced into the dirty world of prostitution and mistreat. 

Become helping hand 

Every person in this globe should join the hands with the organizations that only work with the aim of the welfare of the child. With every single person's support in society, they can bring a huge change in the ongoing process of child abuse. The only thing to keep in mind before joining an NGO or helping them with donations, one should search for all the details of that particular NGO. The NGO should government registered. This is mandatory to be in the process because of the fraud going on in today’s world. If one aims to help these poor children in terms of education and health they can donate for poor child India.  With this donation, you can see a big change in the lives of poor children.

Educate less privileged child India today by funding the Non-Governmental Organizations. With your single donation, we can see the change in children's life from being in a poor condition. That is the absence of education, food, clothes and also shelter. Citizens of a country can become helping hands all together for those children who are in need. They can donate for the betterment of the child’s future. Your donations will be in use in providing quality education to the children. These donations are basically in use to provide nutritious food to the children, clothes to wear, study materials for their education and many more things. Therefore, your donation can change the life of many.
If someone wishes they can also sponsor the child in the NGO. After sponsoring the child in the NGO you can see the change in their daily life that how rapidly it has changed. You can take the day to day information regarding those children, their daily routine and are they happy or not. Your sponsorship can also change the life of a child.


Therefore, Equalsign as an NGO has started building positive thoughts for a long term change in the lives of the poor people or the unprivileged. They have started making them understand how important child education is. How they can use education as their sword. However, they can build their career. Hence, with an intention to change the lives of these people they have changed the life of many and many more to go. Just like this, society as a whole can help these children with funding the NGO and make their life good. Also with your sponsorship or donation, you can get a child’s blessings, what more would someone wish to have apart from blessings.

Anyone who feels that poor people are living taking negative thoughts in their can help them in building positive thoughts. Only with an aim to change their life. 

Friday, January 17, 2020

Spreading Awareness on Child Education

donation for child education in Andaman

Equalsign Foundation is the best NGO for education India, Port Blair, Andaman, and many more places. It works as a team. Equalsign as an NGO aims to provide education to the unprivileged, to the poor, to the low-class family children, to those who want the opportunity to get learned. It works with a goal that no child in India or at any place stays uneducated either poor or rich. For instance, with this objective, it drives many campaigns and spread awareness about child education in India. Spreading awareness of child education is one of the goals of Equalsign in rural areas and also in societies. It wants each and every person to know about how education plays an important role in the future for the kids if provided in time.

If a literate person is asked to speak about the importance of education, for sure he/she could deliver the same. Because it is as simple as that. But if you ask an illiterate person or a child to deliver the same he/she would not be able to do as they even don’t know what education is. However, the reason behind this is that they don’t get opportunities to get an education, as they are poor. They have to forcefully enlist themselves with works with which they can earn a meal for the day. These poor children are asked to do a low-status job by their families just to get the basics. They only earn a maximum of 50 rupees a day with which they try to fill their tummy. In addition, these poor children are unwillingly sent out by their parents and are forced by situations to forego education.

Assistance to poor by running campaigns for donation and volunteer

Also, apart from these poor children’s there are many who went to the school once for a while and then are forced to drop out because of financial problems going on in their family. So, as an aim that no child stays uneducated, Equalsign has taken many steps to help these children in acquiring education. It also runs many programs that include a donation for child education in Andaman, India, Port Blair and many more. With these donations, they basically work on providing quality education to poor children with a good infrastructure, where the children feel comfortable. Therefore, these donations are used in building schools for these children, giving clothes to those who don’t have it and also providing them food for their empty stomach.

Also, it provides assistance to child health and care as first comes the health after that everything should be looked after. As if the child is not well he/she won’t be able to concentrate on their studies. Therefore, if someone desires to help those children who are poor can become a volunteer for NGO India with Equalsign. Becoming a helping hand for those children who are poor can change their life and that will make happy you as well. Your single donation or help to these children can make their future bright. As a volunteer also you can help NGOs by spreading awareness on child education. Equalsign’s goal is only to fulfill the dreams of the poor children by providing them elementary education. Also, they help them with their basic needs and requirements.

Areas targeted by Equalsign to work on

By giving importance to education it provides study material to those kids who cannot afford and also helps them to read, write and learn. In spite of being known about the main significance of education, many of us rarely think to sponsor a poor child or giving a donation for education in India. This is the reason Equalsign runs a campaign in spreading awareness on child education. Equalsign as an NGO leaves no child in humiliating situations of poverty and also to provide those children’s food so as to give them an opportunity to shape their future in the way they have always dreamed of.

Equalsign as an NGO has always worked on spreading awareness on child education to those who don’t know the benefits of acquiring education. Therefore, below are important points of some areas that are always been looked after or the targeted areas to foster child education:-

By allowing the unidentified talents to come up

Building up possibilities of studying for children from diminished sections is often an encouraging deal because very likely, many of these children have skills and dedication but do not get an opportunity to bring them up. Each and every time the donations paid by us for education in India is help that opens the doors of hope for children’s waiting for an opportunity to go after their dreams. Therefore, the assignees of the Equalsign Foundation, with a flare in their eyes, proudly share the modifications in their lives since they've joined NGO started studying.

By attaining two most crucial viable goals

Through the struggle of offering limitless food for education and preventing hunger, Equalsign aims to attain the two most crucial viable goals i.e no hunger and providing quality education. Equalsign as an NGO has shown huge dedication toward achieving the goal of providing food to the unfed and also arranging services in offering educational opportunities to the underprivileged. With its commitment to its work, it has been recognizing as the top NGOs in India, Port Blair, Andaman and many more. With all these continuous growths of such strategies, soon the literacy rate will increase in the nation.
become a volunteer for NGO India

By giving assistance in acquiring a strong stand opposing all other national challenges

Just like Nelson Mandela explained education as the strongest sword that you can use to modify the globe. Education is currently a key to eradicating gender discrimination, underdevelopment, misdeed and promote peace in societies. Equailsign thinks that education is a method of spreading common awareness and a direction out of other objections that interrupts national development.


Spreading awareness of child education is one of the aims of Equalsign. It drives the campaign for spreading child education and also for donations and sponsorship. If someone desires to help the poor child can donate for their education by supporting our institution. We are already working committed for the objective by educational facilities to children. Equalsign as an NGO is responsible to foster educational strategies. They also donate for the minimum of those millions of children, to those who don’t have the ability to afford admissions in schools. So with your donation to the NGO can change a child's life. So as a citizen of the same country let’s become the helping hands for them and give them a lifespan gift of a smile and fulfilling their hopes.
In India, the area of growth is not very broad, but it is also not very small for the people. It not only includes the economic growth but also the growth on the social head, permission, quality of life, child and women's growth, spreading awareness on child education to its citizens. The responsibility of growth is so tangled and broad that just executing government ideas is not enough to fix the problem. Therefore, to attain this, a complete dream and common labors that involve different agencies, sections and even NGOs are needed.

Focusing on Rural Industry Growth

Apparently, rural industry growth seems to be a simple responsibility, but in reality, it is not as simple as that. After Independence, we have seen various rural growth projects through various five- year plans. Improving poverty, producing knowledge and infrastructure services is strengthen through the projects and policies of the government. For instance, the Panchayati Raj organization has also been commencing by the government to strengthen social justice at the grassroots level. But after all the efforts: rural shortage, low management, unemployment rate are still in existence in a rural area in the nation. So with an aim in providing education to the poor children, Equalsign also helps the families in rural areas who are living complicated lives in poverty.
So we as an NGO organization have started spreading awareness on child education in rural areas so that no more child stays uneducated also no more family starves for food or be in poverty. As education is the only key to success and also helps to make the future bright.

Issues in Rural Areas

Education is a human right with great power to change completely. On its authority rests the vital element of freedom, equality and viable human growth.- Kofi Annan
These words are as strong as they sound. Education is one of the most crucial construction blocks of a viable society. In a nation like India that includes 1.2 billion of population, there is a big difference between the forms of education that is provided. The urban areas in the country are sharing to a much higher level of education, which is not the same in the case of rural areas. Therefore, this variation in the quality of education makes it tough to manage a sacred rate of growth throughout the nation.
To assure that India achieves progress on an economic, eco-friendly and social level; it is crucial to adjust a viable side of living. The perfect way to boost viability is with the help of providing quality education to poor children. The vast issue in the progress of India is evidence that most of the population of India located in rural areas. Therefore, unluckily, these areas don't have a sufficient approach to job opportunities, a base or quality education.

Role of Government in boosting Education

The Indian Government is functioning towards connecting the gap to serve equal chances in terms of education in the urban and rural areas. Numerous educational activities have been initiated that expresses the crucial issues that are faced by individuals in rural areas. In addition, some of the initiatives include providing quality education to poor children in every corner of the nation.
Free of cost and mandatory education to all the children. Also, to arrange mid-day meal facilities across all state-level schools. Therefore, elementary education to the nation, boosting literacy rate, these are universalized that focuses on giving education for individuals between 15 to 35 years of age.
There were some familiar and successful educational actions that are introduced and implemented by the government. These actions were implemented with an objective to deliver equal opportunities to every child in the nation. These actions don't just target education; they also focus on other crucial topics like nourishment, hygiene, gender bias and many more, that are common in the rural areas.

Absence of Quality Education

In most of the cases, the elementary education provided by Government-run schools is not concentrated on providing quality education. The necessity of education is not taken seriously in rural areas due to various reasons like inappropriate infrastructure for the students, absence of quality education in rural areas, discrimination, inappropriate sanitation, etc. Though there is sufficient funding is given for world-class education in the rural and tribal areas of the nation, as the quality education provided in these areas, is literally disposable.

If the government arranges primary facilities, boost and provides a superior standard of education in rural India. The entire quality of education in India will for sure improve with these facilities. For providing entire quality education, India needs to concentrate on improving the standard of education that is provided in rural and tribal sectors. Volunteer group service assignment and NGO's that have a broader reach in such areas can boost the necessity of quality education. Therefore, this entire component would make India one of the most educated nations in the world and also boost the cause of viable living.


Hence, the Equalsign foundation as the best NGO is spreading awareness on child education in every corner of the nation. Equalsign aims to provide quality education to each and every child either rich or poor. Its goal is not to leave any child illiterate; every single child should acquire education as it is the only important part that should be acquired in life. After all, education is the only thing that can be used as a weapon in the future. However, education is crucial for the entire growth of the Indian society, it is vital that the quality of education is excessive. In terms of quality education, India is certainly one of the countries that are looked up to. So with the initiative of providing education in rural and tribal areas may help those poor children to land in better positions in the corporate sector.

Friday, January 10, 2020

Encourage Early Childhood Education

child education in India

Equalsign foundation as an NGO encourage early childhood education in every society or community. Basically it runs campaigns and spread awareness on how education can be beneficial for a child. Child education should be given the focus on priority between the ages of 3 to 8 years. As this is the age wherein a child acquires proper knowledge and starts understanding every single thing. So if a child doesn’t get it will be a tough time for him/her in the future to perform accordingly. With this objective, Equalsign encourage early childhood education in poor families as at this age they send their kids to do child labor so they are unable to acquire knowledge. 

It is essential to instill good knowledge in their minds to help them in their better growth. But the parents of the poor children may not take some steps for the improvement of their child growth that will really work in making their future unprecedented successful. This is because they only strive for the basic things most useful in life that is food, cloth, and shelter. For getting these basic things also they have to beg themselves and also unwillingly send their kids to begin the footpaths or roadsides. So with a responsibility and an aim, Equalsign as an NGO takes care of child education in India, Port Blair, Andaman and many more. We also look after the complete growth and take full charge of developing young minds for future threats. Therefore, our NGO of childcare and child education inspires better execution in acquiring knowledge.

Encourage childhood education

We also develop children for good chances in the future related to education. With keeping in mind that these kids are starting a new journey in their educational careers, we influence to give them required sources to improve the condition of their educational skills.  We also make them efficient to challenge with the world outside. NGOs for children's health and care in Andaman, India, Port Blair, and many more put focus mostly in underdevelopment areas and also poor families. They have taken many important initiatives that are useful for a bright future of children. We also take care of the growth of every child.

We as an NGO also foster education in every society it may be the society of rich or poor no matter.  However, NGOs run campaigns for promoting health care and education in each and every society. We try our level best to encourage early childhood education in underdeveloped areas.

Quality Education

As with an aim in providing quality education we work as a team with efficient educators who will greatly benefit every child in growing the skills and develop greater determination. A child should be given proper consideration in order to make them better performed and to teach them good manners. The early developing stage is the only time when a person can go out to put the child in the perfect place and educate them on the perfect forms of knowledge and employ them in comprehensive growth. Once they get the ability to catch the awareness of different subjects as well as the manners needed to fit in any contest, they become addicted to these things and go ahead with it throughout their career. In conclusion, education for every child in Port Blair, Andaman, India is important, so with this aim, we involve those poor children in a fun learning environment.

Few steps we usually follow to upgrade the child's education are:

  • We as an NGO prepare every child with positive surroundings in order to instill good thinking’s in their mind as it is the most important thing. 
  • All our team members give attention to their suitable daycare assistance also.
  • Our team keeps every child tension-free from every possible thing which makes them stressful, just like their family backwardness or the poverty they are facing.
  • We make sure that the child is out of problems or stress- free by looking after them.
  • We try to make them busy in daily activities such as indoor and outdoor games.
  • As an NGO we have made a proper schedule and engage every child in all activities that help them develop on a daily basis.
  • We are engaged in providing new methods of learning for every child with which they can easily grasp things.
  • For instance, on a daily basis, every time we try to mingle with those poor children in a friendly manner and try to make them stress-free.
  • Our main is to make every child educated whether it is poor or rich, so while teaching if the child is unable to grasp things easily we teach them with the help of new methods such as toys, games and bursting jokes.
  • We involve children in an environment where they can enjoy and free them from accountability when they don't feel like reading.
  • We have set up classes to boost their personality development and also to enhance the determination level.
  • In addition, you can find many best NGOs for Children India who will help or provide every child a facility that will be helpful in their future betterment.

Fundamental of life

Education is certainly the fundamental of life and when it comes to the children we should never fail to give them the best. This should be one because the children are the future of the nation. We should provide them quality education. Equalsign strives hard to give the best education to those poor children who don’t get opportunities. We not only teach children the basic educational knowledge but also we make them learn much more things that a child requires for the development. For instance, educational methods have been turned really competitive in today's world. In addition, we want each and every child to be enough proficient of meeting the requirements in the future.

In addition, the Equalsign foundation not only focuses on educational requirements but also makes every child physically and psychologically fit. This is focused by performing some numerous extra-educational activities and creative meetings. From our end, we don’t let go of any opportunities by hand.  

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Education: Not a Privilege it’s a Human Right

Best NGO for education in Andaman

Equalsign as top NGOs in Andaman has intended to make every poor child future a successful one. No child gets treated unequally. Each and every child gets an elementary education. With this aim, Equalsign has taken many measures with respect to the betterment of the future of poor children. Our main focus is always on providing education to the poor children whose parents cannot avail such facilities to their children. Children are the phase of god; they are the only ones who’ll make policies, rules, and regulations in the future if they get a proper education. Instead of ignoring them we should fulfill their needs and requirements. We all should know that education is a human right, so as its a human right we should fight for it if there are some barrier applies.

Children are a warehouse of innovations, skills, narrative ideas, intelligence and many more. These children don’t get a chance to express this. Many children get facilities to express all these but they are not interested maybe they are interested in some other field. 

But those children who are interested and want to express or show their talent, don’t get a chance. So for them, we should take initiative and help them to get an education. As the citizen of the same country, we are the only ones who can open the door of hopes of the poor children. We should not apply any barriers to any children to express their talent. We should give those children opportunities and we’ll be surprised later on with an elegant collection of activities. NGOs apart from education also take part in making every child perfect in all the activities.

These activities may include:

  • Probing the space to dive beneath the ocean,
  • From sports horizon to sketching canvases,
  • By chanting songs to coming up with dialogues on a platform,
  • From doing experiments in laboratories to stir pans in kitchens.

Assistance to the poor with donation and sponsorship

Children have sensible minds they only do things that they asked to do. Just like the poor families if they don’t have food to eat their parents unwillingly send their kids to the footpath for child labor or to beg from a rupee or two with which they can fill their empty stomach. This is such a situation that can be only resolved if everyone takes part in helping those children. With an aim to provide good and quality education to those children. If somebody wants to help those children they can donate to the NGOs or can sponsor a child to the NGO or can also become a volunteer for NGO India. Education is not a privilege it’s a human right, do no one can put barriers for anyone in getting an education.

Education is a Human Right

All the children in the world have the right to get education either the poor or the rich. There should not be any partiality or inequality between them. But as the poor cannot afford such facilities for them numerous NGOs have taken place in every country. Many of them search for best NGO for education in India, for sponsoring or donating for child education with an aim to make his/her future better, but they get stuck in this as in a hurry, either they donate for education to a fraud or take sponsorship in a fraud NGO. Later they realize about this.

So for this NGOs have started running campaigns offline and even they have their own websites wherein you can directly donate online only after knowing everything about the NGO. If a person doesn’t wish to donate online they can also locate the nearest NGO and donate after going there. As education is not a privilege it’s a human right, one should fight for it and also help those (NGOs) who are helping those poor children who don't get an education.

Health is wealth

Equalsign as an NGO apart from focusing on NGO also focuses on health and care.  As if the health of the child is good then only he/she will be active in the class and will be safe from falling sick or else they cannot understand things taught in the class. 'Health is wealth' is a common wording. This wording becomes more valuable when it comes to children. Till the age of five, a child is treated to be the most important development aspect as an important amount of growth and gets knowledge during these five years.

Healthy development

The most crucial facet that encourages healthy development by consuming a nutritious diet. Nutrition enhances psychological functioning, relevant physical growth, manages stamina levels, and contributes improved immunity against viruses and illnesses

Those children who are healthy are more often regular to class and are more interested in being assisted in better classes for learning and expands participation in academic curriculum exercises such as sports, artistry and all cultures. This inspires children a sense of determination to attain big in life. Apart from this, children also progress in good social skills that as a result increase complete personality growth. In addition, good health is also a crucial visible feature to attain growth breakthroughs between children. For instance, a diet that includes nutrition improves immunity against viruses and illness. Therefore, it keeps away children from getting sick. Taking the nutritious diet is not just for childhood benefit but they also develop up to be a healthful person.

Anyone can find NGOs for children's health and care in Port Blair and Andaman. Equalsign is one of them who also helps children in keeping their health good and takes care of every basic thing.

Fulfill every child’s dream

As education is a human right, we also prepare our children teaching them all the rights with which in the coming future they can fight for education or for any right if the poor children or person is in need. Equalsign as the best NGO for education in India supports every child with education and helps to fulfill their needs. As they are unaware of human rights, as an NGO we help those poor children and assist them will all their rights so that they can fight to get their rights in the future either for themselves or for other poor children. With education, any child can make their future better. So if a child is getting a barrier in getting an education so with the help of some other elders they can fight for it as education is a human right.

Each and every child is grown simply with their own set of ambition, imagination, culture, and prospects. Many times a child can wholly confuse you with their intelligence. Sometimes they may appeal you with their decency. This is only when every child gets a lawful opportunity they will be capable of exploring the intelligence and life with much liberty. A lot of NGOs just like Equalsign are working hard to assist with this form of real subsistence so every child can learn to have an unbiased stand about entities around them and make options on their own.

What does Equalsign do?

Education is an essential part of each and every child arising up every year. When a child is given an identical chance to get an education and understand, they are able to pick up necessary lessons for life along the way. Equalsign looks after the child’s health and provides healthy food. When a child has identical assets for physical and mental subsistence, they arise up without bitterness against their conditions. By providing them nutrition and looking after their health is a way to focus on the energies against problems such as education, information, psychological intelligence and giving respect to everyone.

Benefits of Education

Education teaches us and confronts us in every regard to our identity. It shapes our personality by stone, it grows and propels every child’s mind to its maximum capacity and promote a great love for lifelong education and intelligence in them. Without learning, no child cannot reach their full prospective. Education unlocks up new options for everyone and grants the persistent. Education educates us on moralities in life such as intelligence, equity, courage, and prohibition.

Children's imaginations can be sincere and real. Their minds are also free to generate a sketch of what they want to attain in their life. When these mini minds desire to attain something and efforts towards the imagination, it permits them in finding their capabilities and powers. Nevertheless, in India, we have more than 17 million children. They don’t get an approach to primary education or not even a proper meal. This leaves an impact on them to controls their desires and gives in to the misfortune of gaining a few rupees every day. In this situation, dreams that have great prospective to see wealth get conquered. To alleviate children from such adverse situations, it is crucial. That we, as a community, not only assist them to approach the essentials but also motivate them to imagine big.


The objective of providing every child a chance to fulfill their dreams was established recently by the Equalsign foundation. It targets to perform as a leading star for every child in getting a step adjacent to their dreams. With providing the right assistance, every child with dreams will be capable of understanding their desires. They will also develop their skills. In a world where everything is destructively combative, a dream does not get fulfilled unless or until you trust and permit it a chance and the wealth once you have attained it, overcomes the tough journey. With a faith that each and every child's dream in our province gets an equitable opportunity. The objective of providing every child a chance to fulfill their dreams has gained success.

Donate for education

Donating for education Port Blair

Donating for education to the NGOs is a good decision of a person. As with educational opportunities a children can show their intelligence. The donations are basically in the utilization of providing quality education to the children. Children are forthcoming and they deserve a future that comes with economic, physical and psychological safety. Education is a method towards the end of poverty. It improves future expectations, motivates kid’s dreams and authorizes children to follow dreams. Without education, job safety and worth employment are hard to come by and the range for growth is less. Education with wonderful options it introduces is for both the men and the women to assume. It plays a crucial portion in releasing people from the chains of restrictions, obsolete thinkings of society.

A much-known saying we have heard is 'if you educate a child, you educate the whole family'. If a country has to develop- financially and socially - education and intelligence are the only needs that need to be achieved. A well-authorized staff is a frightening strength that excites and increases expenditure in the nation. It also leads to getting more jobs, high revenues, a better quality of living and major success for the country. It also helps to a rise in a nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). A perception of satisfaction grows among residents when a country advances impressively. And then gives them great encouragement to struggle for its further growth. Article 21A was enacted keeping in mind that education is a human right and children between 6 to 14 years may get compulsory education.

What does education do?

Education provides awareness of health and cleanliness. Healthful executions in daily life are accepted by well-learned people. This is done from the day when they were made well-informed and satisfied with the logic behind them. Be it be the daily executions, problems related to motherly and children's health are steps to take to assure a healthy future. Education is considerably influential in educating people about all these things. Your single donation to charity organizations can also give an advantage to you as well. As it helps you from income tax exclusion. Under sections, 35AC and 80GGA of the Income Tax Act 1961, each and every funding more than Rs 500 made to an authorized non-governmental organization, is permitted for 100% tax exclusion. As a fact donating for education can be worth donating that helps every donor to get the tax advantage.


Building chances of education for children from diminished areas is generally an encouraging agreement. This is because many of the unprivileged kids have skills and desires but they do not get an opportunity to present it. Each and every time we donate to charity organizations for education, we open the doors of hopes for every child who is expecting to get a chance to fulfill their dreams. Therefore, after understanding and researching about the need and requirements of the unprivileged children NGOs have taken the step. One of them is Equalsign, it has taken a step forward with a aim to fulfill every child’s dream a successful one. As education is a human right, all the child whether it be rich or poor everyone requires education.

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Child Education in India

Child education in India
Equalsign foundation as a leading NGO in India, Port Blair, Andaman and many more, promote child education in India as an important component in the rising and development of a child. The seriousness of education in the globe, and especially in India, cannot be emphasized. Education expands our boundaries and educates us about demanding to reason; it broadens our creative scope and mental elasticity. Therefore, Equalsign Foundation works, keeping in mind that, education is the only most important aspect a child can acquire at a young age and help them with this. A lot of NGO in India are authorizing great stalk for child education in India in helping the government to revitalize the educational program and teaching superior educator. Similarly, with the charity organizations, the task of educating every child is made achievable by government assistance and allied and private fund donors.

Why a child should acquire an education?

Education teaches us and questions us in every form of our identity. It blights our personality by gem, it promotes and accelerates a child's mind to its extreme scope. It also introduces a great love in them for long term education and experience. In the absence of education, a child could roughly reach their full possibilities. With education, everyone can get new hopes and benefits that are preserving. It also educates us values in life such as knowledge, lawfulness, fearlessness, and prohibition. Education educates young children how to be a ruler and be self-sufficient in the community. It raises imagination and prevents disregards.

Child education in India educates our small kids on the value of love. As the love develops inside the soul, so does the beauty. In addition, education develops and boosts the ability of a person. Progress and business to society presuppose the maturity and knowledge of the mind. As we develop in awareness and boost new prospects, as a result, we twist in our intelligence and in our capability to make better resolutions, in knowledge and judgment. Education predates understanding, but not only of the extraneous globe but also the understanding of our life and our needs in life. For instance, the greater the understanding is, the better the capability comes to lead our lives.
Education helps to understand better how to aid the community and understand the necessary things in life. Therefore, be at peace with the ever-expanding measures of the globe. Therefore, educating a less privileged child India or anywhere else in the globe as it is the major component of early rise and development. Education helps us to become intelligent and well-informed. No one can become intelligent accidentally it can only be successful with education. 

Leading cause of underdevelopment

Certainly, the below literacy ratio is a leading cause of underdevelopment because there are families that don't have sufficient funds to send their child to the schools or the educational organizations. Therefore, hesitantly they have to stick their child in doing child labor. Child labor is the other leading barrier to the financial growth of the country. Therefore, Illiteracy and underdevelopment continue side by side. For instance, the educational NGO in Andaman does hard work for promoting different programs and proposals to make everyone knowledgeable of the benefits of education. There are a lot of people in the world who have the desire to donate for the financial growth of the country, but, they are unaware of the place where to donate. Even though, NGOs provoke such people to bolster their work by donating funds to them. This is the only requirement to implement education.
Our aim to build many opportunities for education for children from diminished fields is often an encouraging deal. A lot of these kids have capabilities and dedication but they don’t get an opportunity to lead them up. The donations which NGOs receive mostly, open the doors of fulfilling dreams of kids. These kids are those who were expecting an opportunity to seek their dreams.

We basically focus on providing quality education. We run offline campaigns in rural areas to make them understand the importance of education. Quality education includes proper infrastructure, equality between every child, proper sanitation, and many more. These are only possible when enough funding is provided for the education in the rural and tribal areas of the country. Therefore for this, we also run charity organizations, with which the donations we receive are utilized on providing quality education.

Contribution of NGOs in Encouraging Education

NGOs like Equalsign have been initiating the movement to give quality education. Education to the most diminished and underprivileged ch...