Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Education: Not a Privilege it’s a Human Right

Best NGO for education in Andaman

Equalsign as top NGOs in Andaman has intended to make every poor child future a successful one. No child gets treated unequally. Each and every child gets an elementary education. With this aim, Equalsign has taken many measures with respect to the betterment of the future of poor children. Our main focus is always on providing education to the poor children whose parents cannot avail such facilities to their children. Children are the phase of god; they are the only ones who’ll make policies, rules, and regulations in the future if they get a proper education. Instead of ignoring them we should fulfill their needs and requirements. We all should know that education is a human right, so as its a human right we should fight for it if there are some barrier applies.

Children are a warehouse of innovations, skills, narrative ideas, intelligence and many more. These children don’t get a chance to express this. Many children get facilities to express all these but they are not interested maybe they are interested in some other field. 

But those children who are interested and want to express or show their talent, don’t get a chance. So for them, we should take initiative and help them to get an education. As the citizen of the same country, we are the only ones who can open the door of hopes of the poor children. We should not apply any barriers to any children to express their talent. We should give those children opportunities and we’ll be surprised later on with an elegant collection of activities. NGOs apart from education also take part in making every child perfect in all the activities.

These activities may include:

  • Probing the space to dive beneath the ocean,
  • From sports horizon to sketching canvases,
  • By chanting songs to coming up with dialogues on a platform,
  • From doing experiments in laboratories to stir pans in kitchens.

Assistance to the poor with donation and sponsorship

Children have sensible minds they only do things that they asked to do. Just like the poor families if they don’t have food to eat their parents unwillingly send their kids to the footpath for child labor or to beg from a rupee or two with which they can fill their empty stomach. This is such a situation that can be only resolved if everyone takes part in helping those children. With an aim to provide good and quality education to those children. If somebody wants to help those children they can donate to the NGOs or can sponsor a child to the NGO or can also become a volunteer for NGO India. Education is not a privilege it’s a human right, do no one can put barriers for anyone in getting an education.

Education is a Human Right

All the children in the world have the right to get education either the poor or the rich. There should not be any partiality or inequality between them. But as the poor cannot afford such facilities for them numerous NGOs have taken place in every country. Many of them search for best NGO for education in India, for sponsoring or donating for child education with an aim to make his/her future better, but they get stuck in this as in a hurry, either they donate for education to a fraud or take sponsorship in a fraud NGO. Later they realize about this.

So for this NGOs have started running campaigns offline and even they have their own websites wherein you can directly donate online only after knowing everything about the NGO. If a person doesn’t wish to donate online they can also locate the nearest NGO and donate after going there. As education is not a privilege it’s a human right, one should fight for it and also help those (NGOs) who are helping those poor children who don't get an education.

Health is wealth

Equalsign as an NGO apart from focusing on NGO also focuses on health and care.  As if the health of the child is good then only he/she will be active in the class and will be safe from falling sick or else they cannot understand things taught in the class. 'Health is wealth' is a common wording. This wording becomes more valuable when it comes to children. Till the age of five, a child is treated to be the most important development aspect as an important amount of growth and gets knowledge during these five years.

Healthy development

The most crucial facet that encourages healthy development by consuming a nutritious diet. Nutrition enhances psychological functioning, relevant physical growth, manages stamina levels, and contributes improved immunity against viruses and illnesses

Those children who are healthy are more often regular to class and are more interested in being assisted in better classes for learning and expands participation in academic curriculum exercises such as sports, artistry and all cultures. This inspires children a sense of determination to attain big in life. Apart from this, children also progress in good social skills that as a result increase complete personality growth. In addition, good health is also a crucial visible feature to attain growth breakthroughs between children. For instance, a diet that includes nutrition improves immunity against viruses and illness. Therefore, it keeps away children from getting sick. Taking the nutritious diet is not just for childhood benefit but they also develop up to be a healthful person.

Anyone can find NGOs for children's health and care in Port Blair and Andaman. Equalsign is one of them who also helps children in keeping their health good and takes care of every basic thing.

Fulfill every child’s dream

As education is a human right, we also prepare our children teaching them all the rights with which in the coming future they can fight for education or for any right if the poor children or person is in need. Equalsign as the best NGO for education in India supports every child with education and helps to fulfill their needs. As they are unaware of human rights, as an NGO we help those poor children and assist them will all their rights so that they can fight to get their rights in the future either for themselves or for other poor children. With education, any child can make their future better. So if a child is getting a barrier in getting an education so with the help of some other elders they can fight for it as education is a human right.

Each and every child is grown simply with their own set of ambition, imagination, culture, and prospects. Many times a child can wholly confuse you with their intelligence. Sometimes they may appeal you with their decency. This is only when every child gets a lawful opportunity they will be capable of exploring the intelligence and life with much liberty. A lot of NGOs just like Equalsign are working hard to assist with this form of real subsistence so every child can learn to have an unbiased stand about entities around them and make options on their own.

What does Equalsign do?

Education is an essential part of each and every child arising up every year. When a child is given an identical chance to get an education and understand, they are able to pick up necessary lessons for life along the way. Equalsign looks after the child’s health and provides healthy food. When a child has identical assets for physical and mental subsistence, they arise up without bitterness against their conditions. By providing them nutrition and looking after their health is a way to focus on the energies against problems such as education, information, psychological intelligence and giving respect to everyone.

Benefits of Education

Education teaches us and confronts us in every regard to our identity. It shapes our personality by stone, it grows and propels every child’s mind to its maximum capacity and promote a great love for lifelong education and intelligence in them. Without learning, no child cannot reach their full prospective. Education unlocks up new options for everyone and grants the persistent. Education educates us on moralities in life such as intelligence, equity, courage, and prohibition.

Children's imaginations can be sincere and real. Their minds are also free to generate a sketch of what they want to attain in their life. When these mini minds desire to attain something and efforts towards the imagination, it permits them in finding their capabilities and powers. Nevertheless, in India, we have more than 17 million children. They don’t get an approach to primary education or not even a proper meal. This leaves an impact on them to controls their desires and gives in to the misfortune of gaining a few rupees every day. In this situation, dreams that have great prospective to see wealth get conquered. To alleviate children from such adverse situations, it is crucial. That we, as a community, not only assist them to approach the essentials but also motivate them to imagine big.


The objective of providing every child a chance to fulfill their dreams was established recently by the Equalsign foundation. It targets to perform as a leading star for every child in getting a step adjacent to their dreams. With providing the right assistance, every child with dreams will be capable of understanding their desires. They will also develop their skills. In a world where everything is destructively combative, a dream does not get fulfilled unless or until you trust and permit it a chance and the wealth once you have attained it, overcomes the tough journey. With a faith that each and every child's dream in our province gets an equitable opportunity. The objective of providing every child a chance to fulfill their dreams has gained success.

Donate for education

Donating for education Port Blair

Donating for education to the NGOs is a good decision of a person. As with educational opportunities a children can show their intelligence. The donations are basically in the utilization of providing quality education to the children. Children are forthcoming and they deserve a future that comes with economic, physical and psychological safety. Education is a method towards the end of poverty. It improves future expectations, motivates kid’s dreams and authorizes children to follow dreams. Without education, job safety and worth employment are hard to come by and the range for growth is less. Education with wonderful options it introduces is for both the men and the women to assume. It plays a crucial portion in releasing people from the chains of restrictions, obsolete thinkings of society.

A much-known saying we have heard is 'if you educate a child, you educate the whole family'. If a country has to develop- financially and socially - education and intelligence are the only needs that need to be achieved. A well-authorized staff is a frightening strength that excites and increases expenditure in the nation. It also leads to getting more jobs, high revenues, a better quality of living and major success for the country. It also helps to a rise in a nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). A perception of satisfaction grows among residents when a country advances impressively. And then gives them great encouragement to struggle for its further growth. Article 21A was enacted keeping in mind that education is a human right and children between 6 to 14 years may get compulsory education.

What does education do?

Education provides awareness of health and cleanliness. Healthful executions in daily life are accepted by well-learned people. This is done from the day when they were made well-informed and satisfied with the logic behind them. Be it be the daily executions, problems related to motherly and children's health are steps to take to assure a healthy future. Education is considerably influential in educating people about all these things. Your single donation to charity organizations can also give an advantage to you as well. As it helps you from income tax exclusion. Under sections, 35AC and 80GGA of the Income Tax Act 1961, each and every funding more than Rs 500 made to an authorized non-governmental organization, is permitted for 100% tax exclusion. As a fact donating for education can be worth donating that helps every donor to get the tax advantage.


Building chances of education for children from diminished areas is generally an encouraging agreement. This is because many of the unprivileged kids have skills and desires but they do not get an opportunity to present it. Each and every time we donate to charity organizations for education, we open the doors of hopes for every child who is expecting to get a chance to fulfill their dreams. Therefore, after understanding and researching about the need and requirements of the unprivileged children NGOs have taken the step. One of them is Equalsign, it has taken a step forward with a aim to fulfill every child’s dream a successful one. As education is a human right, all the child whether it be rich or poor everyone requires education.


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