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Building Positive Thoughts For A Long-Term Change

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Equalsign as NGO has made a lot of effort in improving the lives of the children by providing them education. There is a big hand of this NGO in building positive thoughts for a long-term change. In this globe there are numerous numbers of non-governmental organizations or what we call is NGO. They work with an aim to provide quality education, assistance in all possible ways, basics of life and many more. They only help those who require assistance. These people can be from slum areas or rural areas or roadside children or anywhere. The only objective is to educate those children who are in need of it. Many of the rich children who get the opportunity for education don’t know the value of it. 

The value of education can only be known by the children who are waiting for getting an opportunity for education. As they live in a poor family and parents are also able to help their child in getting an education, they are forced to work. They are sent to beg money to fill their empty stomach. Unwillingly parents of these children are forced to send their ward to the roadsides. Also, apart from child education in India, NGOs also focuses on the health care of the child. 

Is health important to show interest in education?

Educate less privileged child india

Yes, obviously health is important to show interest in education. As health is the most important thing to be looked at on a priority basis either by the government or by the NGO. A child will not be able to study or shows interest till the time he/she is physically strong. NGOs also provide food to these children as providing education has no point till the time the child is physically strong. To attain knowledge also a child must be physically and mentally strong. Therefore understanding all the needs and requirements and the situation of the poor kids Equalsign foundation has taken few steps to improve the lives of the children of slum areas or rural areas or the children who are in need of it. 
Participation of Equalsign in generating positive thoughts.

Equalsign as NGO also engages with poor people and participates in the process of generating new ideas and information. Ideas related to their daily routine and all the works they do the whole day. With these activities, NGOs has the capability of building positive thought for a long-term change in the mind of unprivileged. Nevertheless, maintaining such activities commands hard work and also smart work with proper implementation. It is necessary to think about proper planning of initiatives taken by the NGOs, fund managing programs, proper mobilization of the donations, as well as efficient delivery of the programs. Different objectives have been initiated by the best NGOs in India, Port Blair, Andaman, and many other places. 

All the objectives taken by the NGOs have been initiated especially for those communities who are still facing issues in their daily lives that are the absence of education, basics of life it includes food, shelter, and cloth. Also, these NGOs are encouraging different social activities that therefore help to improve the degradation of the country's growth. These activities include discouraging childhood marriage or also not allowing girl child to get an education, discouraging child labor, and many more activities. Various things are presented in this globe to be noted and actions to be taken accordingly either by the government or by the NGO. 

Volunteering in Slum and Rural areas

By initiating a lot of programs mainly in the rural and backward areas also include slum areas of the country, some changes can be seen. These changes are seen with the help of those volunteers who participate in programs by NGO with an aim to change the lives of the people with positive thoughts. They try to help them in every possible way the mentality and also the frame of mind of those who normally contain conservative minds. So, anyone can take part in NGO volunteer Port Blair, India, Andaman and many more, with an objective to change the lives of the underprivileged. 

In building positive thoughts for a long-term change, these volunteers have taken many initiatives. 
Below are some work done by the volunteers in building positive thoughts:- 

These volunteers are allotted by their organizations in various rural and slum areas. They go to the areas where there is a presence of senior citizens and who are far away from information like the importance of acquiring education. Because of the illiteracy of those senior citizens, they follow the same tradition. That is, to join their kids with the same activity that has been followed from an early age. 

These activities include not sending their ward to school; instead of this, they have thought, that it would be perfect if their son earns some money and give it in their house to run their daily basis expenses. They actually are not aware of what they are doing with their kids; they are playing with their future. As a fact we all know the importance of education and how beneficial it is in once life, but the same thing has not been informed to those poor people who are illiterate.  Because of this, the children are asked to do some activities on farms or sometimes they are asked to go to some shops or tea stalls to work and earn money.


These volunteers also help those kids who are not aware of what is education and its importance. They work in building positive thoughts for the long term in their minds to help them know about the importance of education. They help them to know some facts about what one can do if he/she is educated? How beneficial education is in the future? Nevertheless, we all know a few things have been changed these days with the efforts of various initiatives taken by the NGOs. But again, there are some works to be looked on a priority basis by the governments or by the NGOs in many sectors of the country. 

To understand the lives of the poor people’s perfectly, NGOs have started programs that include surveys. With which they get a small view that how their lives are going. With this, they can take initiatives accordingly. They execute face to face communications with those people and try their level best to make them believe the importance of education in once life. They ask them to send their child to schools and not in performing child labor. A person can also work even after completion of his school schedules.

Educational institution

The ongoing education process is regrettable and also the situation of rural areas in our country is pathetic. The unprivileged people find it very hard to compensate for the school fee. In this case, most of the parents send their ward to government-aided schools where there is an absence of quality education and sufficient provisions and a beneficial environment. The illiterate people basically feel hurt from social dishonor of being judge as uneducated. 

After all, education is exceptionally mandatory either for the child or for the illiterate adults. With education, a person can become self-supporting. It also provides him/her with information about their rights. It is also important for attaining sufficient employment. Attaining knowledge also helps every single person to be open-mind. With this, he/she can combine different ideas and take the right decision.

Right to Education is a basic right that was regulated by the Indian Parliament states. According to this act, education has become complementary and mandatory, should be provided to the child between ages 6 to 14. Each and every child is accountable to be present in the school to acquire basic education. 

They should acquire education regardless of their caste, belief, and economic background. As many of the families are illiterate and they are also not aware of this act. Because of this they also don’t send their ward to the school. Instead of this, they get forced to give more commitment to actions like child labor or washing the utensils in the restaurants. After looking into all these circumstances 

Child Welfare

Equalsign has stepped up and come forward rescuing these children from all the problems. For this objective of Equalsign it has been recognized as the top NGOs for child welfare in India, Andaman, and Port Blair. We not only make the child aware of their rights but also assist them in complementary basic education in our own schools. We also help the children by allocating fundamental items of stationery like books, notepads, pens, and pencils. With this, we also provide school uniforms and bags. 

Equalsign as an NGO has aimed to in building positive thoughts for the long term in the minds of underprivileged. With this aim, they visit each and every house especially the slum areas and influence discussions with their parents. With this step, they can make children’s parents understand and ask them to send their child to school. 

The mid-day meal program was launched with the objective of bringing a lot of children to the school. NGOs do not have business reasons or earning huge profits at the end of the day. The only aim of theirs is the well-being of the community. Also aims, to make them aware of their rights. Unprivileged children are even getting undervalue of their social rights. They get dishonor by the self-named cultured people of the community. In many places, these kids get consider as untouchable that hurts them a lot. These kids also get tease, overwhelm harshly and even have to deal with sexual attack and abuse. The small girl children gets raped brutally. Also, they are forced into the dirty world of prostitution and mistreat. 

Become helping hand 

Every person in this globe should join the hands with the organizations that only work with the aim of the welfare of the child. With every single person's support in society, they can bring a huge change in the ongoing process of child abuse. The only thing to keep in mind before joining an NGO or helping them with donations, one should search for all the details of that particular NGO. The NGO should government registered. This is mandatory to be in the process because of the fraud going on in today’s world. If one aims to help these poor children in terms of education and health they can donate for poor child India.  With this donation, you can see a big change in the lives of poor children.

Educate less privileged child India today by funding the Non-Governmental Organizations. With your single donation, we can see the change in children's life from being in a poor condition. That is the absence of education, food, clothes and also shelter. Citizens of a country can become helping hands all together for those children who are in need. They can donate for the betterment of the child’s future. Your donations will be in use in providing quality education to the children. These donations are basically in use to provide nutritious food to the children, clothes to wear, study materials for their education and many more things. Therefore, your donation can change the life of many.
If someone wishes they can also sponsor the child in the NGO. After sponsoring the child in the NGO you can see the change in their daily life that how rapidly it has changed. You can take the day to day information regarding those children, their daily routine and are they happy or not. Your sponsorship can also change the life of a child.


Therefore, Equalsign as an NGO has started building positive thoughts for a long term change in the lives of the poor people or the unprivileged. They have started making them understand how important child education is. How they can use education as their sword. However, they can build their career. Hence, with an intention to change the lives of these people they have changed the life of many and many more to go. Just like this, society as a whole can help these children with funding the NGO and make their life good. Also with your sponsorship or donation, you can get a child’s blessings, what more would someone wish to have apart from blessings.

Anyone who feels that poor people are living taking negative thoughts in their can help them in building positive thoughts. Only with an aim to change their life. 


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