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Role of NGOs in the Lives of Poor People

Educate less privileged childPort Blair

Equalsign as one of the leading NGOs in India, Port Blair, and Andaman have pledged to help people from backward class with basic need. Also, they have pledged to provide free education to the kids of poor families or roadside children and orphans. This objective has come into existence with an aim to make every child’s future a remembering one that in future they won’t beg for money or food. They basically focused to educate less privileged childPort Blair. With proper education, they can live their life happily with sufficient income. Also, with this education they can help their family by providing them food, and all their basic need. Some children don’t get the chance to be educated and instead they get pull towards earning money at such a small age and feed themselves and their family. Everyone should know the importance of NGOs' presence in the globe.

Their family unwillingly sends their child to the roadsides to beg to get out of the hunger. After seeing all these situations NGO’s are the most important organization that should be present in today’s world. This is because no one, no single person with an aim to make a poor child’s life successful will come out. So NGOs as an organization works as a team or a group, not as a single and strive for those poor children who are in need of basic things in life. After forming the organization they then start a campaign and assist people about their goals and objectives so that they can also join as a sponsor or as a fund donator to an NGO. Below are some methods that a person can join NGO and how they can help them for the betterment of the future of the poor kids:-

Donating for Child Education in India

People can aim to help those poor children who are in need of basic things. That includes food, shelter, clothes, and education by donating the NGOs. So that NGOs can provide free education to the unprivileged also to provide food and clothes to wear. A single donation of a person can change the lives of many poor children. NGO basically with donation tries their level best to provide quality education for the betterment of their future. Equalsign helps underprivileged children to get the best quality education. They make them aware of different social problems like health, employment, and many more issues. NGOs as an organization basically take up the social cause of underprivileged children for the advancement of society.

NGOs basically help up impoverished children by granting them an opportunity to attain their childhood needs. This can be done by providing them quality educational chances. These NGOs help those poor children to acquire healthcare facilities, academic resources and many other objects that can make the lives of poor better than before. So, if someone wishes to be listed on the list of thousands of people working with NGOs for the betterment of the children can donate for them. This would be helpful to provide each and every child equal education. Everyone should know the importance of Ngo's presence in the globe.

Can become a Fundraiser

If someone really wishes to help the poor children by donating NGOs can also work as a fundraiser. That means spreading awareness about the benefits of donating and how the lives of the poor can be changed with this. This awareness can be spread via social networking sites by running ads. With this, they can collect funds from people around the world. One can arrange fundraising programs that include birthday fundraisers, concerts, social events, and many more. The most known and also effective fundraising method in the globe is crowdfunding. In these small amounts of money are accumulated from a large number of people. With this, we can know the importance of NGOs' presence in the globe. A lot of poor people who have attained a better life have shared the importance of NGOs in their lives.

Join as a Volunteer in Charity Organizations

The collection of money as a donation for poor children is the first thing but also a second thing that can be done for poor children is spending time with them. For this one can join NGO and can become a volunteer for NGO India. Volunteers can give some efforts to the social objective. In addition, they can also educate children at an NGO like Equalsign. With which it will also be helpful to attain knowledge from everyone. They can teach them with programs that include fun learning program. With this, a child shows more interest and attains good knowledge. There are a lot of reasons and options that one can join NGOs for the betterment of the child. If today these children get focused properly then their future can be a successful one.

Joining NGOs as a volunteer and spending time with the poor children will be a very good decision. Spending time and building positive thoughts in their minds can also lead to a big change in their life. This will be helpful to the poor children to think about their future and plan a career. They can assist these children’s about how important is child education and how does it play an important role in society. Also, they should make them understand that education is the only weapon that can be helpful to manage every bad situation that occurs in their life. With this, we can know the importance of Ngo's presence in the globe.
Become a volunteer for NGO India

Run campaigns for a reason

Spreading awareness regarding the poor children and to provide them education to society or to the world is the most important thing. Campaigners can share the condition of underprivileged children and start fundraising campaigns. We should give equal importance to poor children as compared to the rich. Therefore with the campaigns, more and more aware of poor children get spread. With this, there is a high number of the possibility that more and more people can join NGOs to help the poor children. So with an aim to help the poor kids, one can join NGOs and also run a campaign and also spread awareness and pull other people towards the NGO to help poor children. With this, we can know the importance of NGOs' presence in the globe. As we will be able to know how beneficial an NGO organization is?

As a fact that technology and infrastructure are growing at a high speed, so apart from donating to social institutions like NGOs to help underprivileged children. By participating in charity organizations and donating for a perfect future of the poor children to the NGOs. One should donate for the betterment of the child’s future. One can join NGO with a thought to change the lives of the underprivileged children. This can be done by donating and helping them to provide basic things their life like food, health, education, and shelter. Apart from becoming a volunteer or a fundraiser one can sponsor children for education in India in order to help the underprivileged children to see a new world of well-being. Before starting or working with an NGO a person must know the importance of NGOs and their objectives.

The Role Played by the NGOs

The major role played by the NGOs in the developing nation is quite demanding. Their authority and work duration across various levels, and sectors; and in order to execute all those activities with utmost perfection and proficiency, NGOs are rapidly becoming more organize and well- ordered. All these non- profit and non- governmental organizations basically drive on donations and charity programs. They work with an objective of efficient growth at the grass-root level. This can bring an entire change in the development of society as a whole.

With time that has passed, the nation has experienced quick development; but, the development was not been able to change every level of the community in the same method. At first, when a number of people are becoming adapted with an annual trip with their family, at the same time a vital part of the community is rarely able to earn the bread for a day. NGOs take crucial steps to stick out to these grass root level and help those poor people to have a better life through their own growth.
The authority of an NGO in a growing society is not constricted within increasing help to the poor. But the NGOs take a major part in numerous social problems. This includes child and women trading, child and adult education, increasing proper health care facilities to people with physically or mentally challenged. There are also a number of other objectives that are made with the same objective of growth of the underprivileged classes. These NGOs basically provide necessary services in the growing world. These are mainly taken care of by the government agencies in the developed nations.

Lives of Poor Children

India is experiencing the worst situation regarding the fact about thinking about the lives of poor children. For this many best NGOs in India, Andaman, and Port Blair, are making excellent efforts. They promote positive change in the surroundings of our nation. A lot of child workers are present in the country who compromise their childhood in begging for money and food. Their age of getting education gets spoil. Their educational life gets spoil just because they get to engage in the practices of child labor right from their childhood days. At the age of taking a pencil or rubber in hand, they are pulled towards various kinds of things that many times are too heavy for them. With this, they are even unable to manage to handle those things.
Just thought that if in case the same situation occurs in someone’s life, so what will happen to him/her in that situation. Well, we hope that this situation does not occur in anyone’s life. Only the thing is we are just trying to let the nation feel about the poor children. Whenever we are stuck in a difficult situation or feel helpless, somewhere in that situation we had a thought that someone would come to us and will help to let us out from the problem. Just like the same, have you ever thought of those kids who are facing this problem in this situation? They are also waiting for some opportunities to get some help from anyone.

Education at its best

Donating for education to the NGOs is a superb decision of a person. As with educational possibilities, a child can show their intelligence. The donations are essentially in the usage of providing exceptional training to the youngsters. Children are forthcoming and they deserve a future that includes economic, physical and psychological safety. Education is a method toward the quitting the poverty. It improves destiny expectations, motivates kid’s dreams and authorizes youngsters to follow dreams. Without training, job protection and worth employment are hard to come and the range for development is less. Education with remarkable alternatives has been introducing for both the men and the women to assume. It plays an important portion in releasing humans from the chains of restrictions, obsolete thinkings of society. The importance of NGOs can be seen in the lives of the poor that how they have helped them to achieve a better future.

A much-known announcing we've got heard is 'if you teach a child, you teach the whole family'. If a nation has to develop- financially and socially – learning and intelligence are the only requirements that need to be attained. A well-organized group of workers is a fearsome power that amazes and enhances expenditure in the country. As a result, it leads to getting a large number of jobs, high revenues, a better place for residing and crucial success for the nation. It also enables to upward thrust in a nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). A belief of pride grows among citizens when a nation advances soberly. And then offers them splendid encouragement to struggling for its further boom. Article 21A became enacted retaining in thought that schooling is a human right. Also, youngsters between six to fourteen years should get obligatory education.


Therefore, with this, we can know how NGOs have played a major role in the lives of the poor. Also, how poor people have made the importance of NGOs in their lives. This makes us clear that how important is NGO in the nation to change the life of the underprivileged with their objectives. Nevertheless, we should always praise the efforts of those best NGOs who listened to such voices of poor children. Also, they became a helping hand for them. One of them is Equalsign. They developed an impact by restricting them to perform child labor and helping them to reach the doors of the school. Everyone should know the importance of NGOs.


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